Healthy Living Information

Healthy living information is highly accessible in printed publications and online articles. Health pundits, medical associations, government agencies and other non-profit medical organizations frequently post the latest updates on healthy living information on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. Individuals ought to be responsible for themselves and their families by incessantly checking on this healthy living information given that it is greatly beneficial for their overall welfare. Here at, we assure that every health article provides credibility.

Healthy living information is basically required by means of reading a wide assortment of surveys and scholarly journals. Among the topics of healthy living information asserted that stress has been causing a lot of diseases to people. The targeted group is often the employees wherein the major predicament would definitely be work related stress. Many factors including chemical and physical are causing stress.  According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of United Kingdom, statistics showed that more than 440,000 people during the entire year of 2007 have been experiencing anxiety and job-related stress. On the other hand, American Institute of Stress have presented that Workers’ compensation claims in the state of California have raised to more than 600 percent due to psychological stress for about 8 years. Furthermore, stress is the main cause of job turnover resulting to 40 percent.

An immeasurable number of people have accounted that job stress to be their major health concern. Work stress is actually being called “the 20th Century Disease” by the United Nations due to its prevalence in most countries. In line with this, stress management is deemed very significant healthy living information that people should know. One’s body would be vulnerable to certain diseases if one is not knowledgeable of stress management techniques.

The basic healthy living information that people should be aware of, is that stress has an impact to people regardless of ages and social standing. Here are some of the stress management techniques that are easy to follow.

Biofeedback therapy was established by researchers Neal Miller, Kimmel and David Shapiro as early as 1950’s. After 19 years, an organization was built named Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback to further advance the studies concerning its application to people. Biofeedback is used to treat conditions caused by stress particularly headaches, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, hot flashes, nausea, incontinence and low back pain. This therapy is considerably safe and otherwise termed as mind-body therapy. This powerful medical therapy allows a person to manage one’s body and thoughts with the aid of a biofeedback expert. It permits an individual to manage specific functions in the body particularly temperature of the skin, heart rate, blood pressure, brain and sweat gland activity. This therapy appears to be impressive and fascinating among many people however is certain to seek medical consultation before taking this kind of stress management technique. There may seem to have possible risk if biofeedback is taken while still under the prescription of insulin. People with serious psychological condition are not recommended to try biofeedback. Thoroughly understanding the benefits and risk of biofeedback is considered good healthy living information.

Women’s Health

Women’s health is very inconsistent and irregular during the entire lifecycle. American veteran actress Helen Hayes once said, “The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy”. For women, keeping an active body, healthy heart and a sound mind seemed as easy as pie but once you begin to set your foot on the process; it appears like you would like to give up right away. Sometimes fitness alone would not help because women’s health undergoes various hormonal changes as she continues to mature. Women’s health issues look very complex and inexplicable. Women undergo different body changes commencing from puberty, menstruation cycle, pregnancy, and postnatal blues to menopausal stage.

Women’s health is greatly defined by puberty. Puberty is the most thrilling stage of a woman’s lifecycle usually setting off at the age of 11 to 13. It is a physical development period wherein girls experience the initial signs of adolescence. We cannot deny that this is a confusing moment of our lives as we witness tremendous bodily changes and undergo unusual emotional inconsistencies. Recently, there was a research posted in the Journal of Periodontology that girls at puberty stage may experience swelling of gums due to high level of sex hormones that results to an upsurge of the flow of blood in the gums, thus there is a boost in the reaction of the gums towards plaque and food substances.

Women’s health is affected by menstrual cycle. During menstruation, the sensitivity escalates as women may actually have gingivitis. Women undergo menstrual period normally for 3 to 5 days. Some women find these days to be a disruption to their daily activities since they usually experience mood swings and heavy menstrual bleeding and dysmenorrhea.  Heavy menstrual bleeding or medically called as abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) serves as a big obstruction to a woman’s normal activities. This issue is caused by imbalances of the hormones, irregularity of the uterus and medical conditions such as thyroid, liver and kidney problems, leukemia, Von Willebrand’s disease and complications due to anticoagulant medications.

Pregnancy brings about loads of hazard to women’s health. The most celebrated period of a woman’s life is the pregnancy. First-time expectant mothers have mixed feelings of excitement, gladness and trepidation. Huge changes happen to women as their bodies go rounded and bigger for several months and with their limited physical ability to move and shifting hormones they become more sensitive whenever their partners give unpleasant remarks to their changing physical appearance. Women’s self-image may either become positive or negative depending on her acceptance towards unwarranted comments from different people about her looks. Apart from this emotional stress, some women cannot evade the possibilities of experiencing miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and hernia.

Childbirth is a grand vulnerability to women’s health. Some women experience baby blues normally on the third day subsequent to pregnancy. A greater  than 75 percent of new mothers feel this type of depression comprising of anxiety, gloominess, mood swings, sleeping problems and being weepy. Women do not need to worry since baby blues disappear after a few days. However there is another clinical depression which may either be severe or mild. Postpartum depression occurs during the entire year following childbirth. Studies showed that high level of hormones during pregnancy and sudden dropping of estrogens and progesterone levels after pregnancy ends to depression. Postpartum depression requires counselling and treatment unlike baby blues. Blue Lagoon movie star Brooke Shields had undergone this medical condition during the year 2003 with her first baby named Rowan and her severe depression almost led to suicide attempt. Former Atomic Kitten member Natasha Hamilton and model Elle Macpherson are among other celebrities who experienced this particular depression.

Menopause is a daunting moment concerning women’s health. Women experiences hot flashes, sleeping problems, mood swings, lower libido, urinary tract problem, irregular menstrual cycles and general irritability. Although women may experience hardships in almost all of stages, but that is how the essence of womanhood is. Every completion of a cycle makes her feel closer to being a complete woman. After the menopause stage, however, some women also feel a sense of liberation and rebirth, as they no longer have to worry about getting pregnant.

Women should and can, take charge of their health, be it- physical, psychological, emotional or sexual and regardless whether it is during or after menopause. Exercise, good nutrition, maintaining good relationships with loved ones and a positive attitude, will all promote women’s health and let them live healthy and happy lives.

Shop Therapy

Have you ever wondered of an alternative to express your emotions, feeling of anger or depression will lessen or even be diminished once you have an alternative to that problem? Try shop therapy. With shop therapy you will really forget your issues in life because you will get the feeling of being fulfilled once you have purchased the green wallet with the brand that you loved. Shop therapy is not only for people that are wealthy but shop therapy could be applied as well by the people who do not have much money to spend because we could still buy the things that we want we just have to look for a store which offers a big discount. In shop therapy, you will have the chance to talk with different kinds of people and those persons are the salespersons. How would you feel if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? You think you are so pissed right but sometimes without apparent reason. How would you feel if you are on that situation and you step inside the mall and be greeted with the most lovely smile you ever saw that day and asked you, “How can I assist you?”. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling that somebody cares about you?

According to author Paco Underhill, shop therapy is being utilized to make someone feel and look good by obtaining things from health products, skin care and beauty items. Its alternative name is comfort buys. Shop therapy is a unique approach of some people to change their moods. Impulsive buying is not the same with shop therapy for the reason that the latter is more common to people undergoing a period of misery or transition in their lives. Shop therapy is affirmation of self-esteem according to The Women’s Center director Judith Mueller.

In another study, shop therapy is proven by a team of researchers who represented Stanford, Harvard, University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon. The topic laid an emphasis on impact of temporal depression on a person’s spending habits. The scientific investigators figured out that sadness triggers ego centrism. Then self-centered viewpoint would increase the possibility of unusual expending money so as to look and feel pleasant and happy. The study employed 33 volunteers wherein they were split into two. The first group was given a depressing video to watch while the other group was given an ordinary video showing no extreme emotions of happiness or depression. Afterwards, both groups were offered with a water bottle and both groups were questioned on the amount they would give to buy the water bottle. Results presented that those who watched and were moved by the distressing video said they are willing to purchase the item more than four times the other groups offered. The conclusion drawn here is that they generalized that having low spirits produced self-absorbed view. An egotistical thinking increases the tendency to use and spend money as a form of tool, than any other regular consumer, to alter the feeling of being depressed into being happy.

Hence, shopping provides a therapeutic experience in this sense as it tends to lift up one’s spirit. That is probably why a lot of women indulge in it. Having shop therapy in your life help you feel relaxed and gain a sense of joy after you have purchased the merchandise that you desire. It does not matter how much you spend, because you deserve it after all. You’ve worked so hard and it is just your right to please yourself and pamper your feelings; it is not a sign of being incapacitated on how to dwell on your life’s issues rather it is merely giving yourself a time to be pleased and happy. Understanding why and how shop therapy works make us feel less guilty to shop because we are merely responding to our inner need to feel happy.

Look and Feel Good

There are simple and easy on the pocket ways to look and feel good. There is no need to splurge on pricey items just to look and feel good. Always make an effort to look and feel good and start your day right. A little allotment of time is needed to make oneself look and feel good. But it is rewarding, because the effects make a person more confident about oneself and create a good sensation that will also draw people to you.

The same is for the reverse, if you feel good and happy; it will also affect your look and tend to make you appear more charming. Creator of the book “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne stated, “When you are feeling good, you must be thinking good thoughts. So you are on track and you are emitting a powerful frequency that is attracting back to you more good things that will make you feel good. Seize those moments when you are feeling good, and milk them.”  Feeling good within will definitely manifest in your physical appearance too. Here are few good tips.

Smile and be cheerful. Smiling at someone and winning a smile back is definitely a wonderful feeling that would make you look and feel good about yourself. Forget about facelift by just smiling, it exercises and lifts our facial muscles which make us look better and younger. At the same time it serves as a charm factor. Have you ever wondered why smiling seemed contagious or catching? According to medical studies, smiling produces a halo effect. When people look at a happy and smiling person; it allows them to recall joyful and blissful times in their lives thus there is a feeling of positiveness and optimism hence making them smile too. Our smile beguiles and pulls in other people to feel the same. According to the British Dental Health Foundation, smiling boosts gladness making a person look and feel good. Happiness of a person is reflected in one’s smile. It enhances confidence in you. Smiling allows things to go positively, recharges our downcast mood, rebuilds energy and jazzes up everything.

Exercise is another way to look and feel good. It is best to awaken one’s quiescent mind and body, for you to have a boost in the morning so as to look forward to a brighter day. Give at least 30 minutes of dancing to your favorite hip hop aerobic dance steps will not only get rid of your unwanted fats but will also help you relax one’s stressful mind thus energizes and make you really feel great about yourself because you will definitely love the way you look and feel after the session.

The best thing to look and feel good is to be you. Do not let your mind be clouded with perplexities, worries and fears. Act freely and think wisely; stop mumbling about what other nit-picking people utter about your looks and style. Be true to yourself and always stay level-headed and rational most especially during challenging situations. Speak your mind and don’t put your heart on your sleeve. Stand out and always be your best so you may look and feel good about everything.

Look and feel good by having your hair trimmed. Change your look to a more sophisticated you. It does not have to be a new trendy hairstyle, what is important is that you were able to treat yourself in a salon at least once a month. For sure people will notice you especially when you feel good and beautiful about your new hairstyle.

Eat well to look and feel good. They say that what you eat reflects in you so you better check what you eat. Eat more on green and leafy vegetables, fruits and fish for protein. It will make you feel good because these types of food are not only good for your body but it will also be good for your outer appearance.

You will look and feel good if you have enough sleep. You will not feel irritated and you will love the person you see in the mirror for a morning shower, your good aura will pull you to a lovelier day.

Getting bold and going for a tan also makes you look and feel good. A man would definitely look sexier if they will have a tan skin tone, because it compliments their sexy sculptured body while in most women they feel good whenever they have a tan skin tone.

So, go on, start to embark on ways to look and feel good today, with all the simple ways mentioned. Your days will change and seem cheerier.


The latest health news covers the launching of H1N1 Vaccine trial. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) reported last September 9, 2009 that the H1N1 vaccine would be tested in expectant women. The director of NIAID Dr. Anthony Fauci has announced that it is best for pregnant women to receive the vaccination for the reason that compared to other individuals, their situation would be much delicate and complicated if they acquire an influenza virus infection. The experiment would be carried out in NIAID-funded national network of Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Units (VTEUs).

As part of the latest health news, medical centers which joined this trial are still working in completing the slots for vaccine trial. The requirement for volunteer pregnant women should be between 18 to 39 years old. The women should either be in their third or second trimester period of pregnancy. A huge company dedicated to vaccine research, Sanofi Pasteur is in-charge of providing either 15 or 30 microgram vaccine shots to volunteer pregnant women. Then afterwards the volunteers would still get another set of injections after 21 days from first vaccine shot. The participating medical clinics and hospitals are White Memorial Hospital and Clinic situated in Texas, Group Health Cooperative Center for Health Studies VTEU, Vanderbilt University VTEU, Duke University, Baylor College of Medicine VTEU and Saint Louis University VTEU. Those medical centers will be the first to obtain the latest health news once tests from safety monitoring committee and researchers are cleared.

The latest health news on H1N1 vaccine for hogs is that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is attempting to expedite the process by giving master seed viruses to vaccine developers. Although the swine flu or H1N1 has not yet infected the hogs in United States; the government would like to accelerate the development process as much as possible to avoid additional expenses if ever the barns are afflicted. The only affected hogs were those from Canada wherein the pigs experienced coughing and fever. Latest health news from Reuters published that assistant administrator Kenneth Petersen of U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety Division said that prices of the pigs would be reduced if they were found afflicted with virus. According to the latest health news of Roberta Rampton of Reuters, the USDA approved the slaughtering of hogs once they get well from the swine flu for the rationale that people do not acquire swine flu from eating meat products.

Latest health news from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has thoroughly been discussing about the vaccination for swine flu of children between 6 months to adults up to 24 years of age. The making of the vaccination for swine flu is not yet completed up to this moment however parents of the children are deeply worried and distressed concerning the matter. Majority of the parents were randomly questioned and most of them replied no to the vaccine. They are intensely nervous since the vaccine is not fully tested whether it may present complications to the kids. We will keep you updated with the latest health news regarding the development of swine flu vaccine.

Healthy Food Recipes

Healthy food recipes are mostly dictated in afternoon and morning television programs. If you’re lucky enough, you may get a chance to experience a live cooking show presenting healthy food recipes inside a shopping mall or in a public area. For the most part, huge food companies and restaurants sponsor the preparation of healthy food recipes. Elaborate decorations and heavy stage arrangements are being organized along with an invitation to a special guest who is usually a popular movie celebrity. The celeb guest will be assisting the chosen chef in setting up the healthy food recipe.

Oolong tea is popular in the Orient nations and considerably a healthy food recipe to watch out for. Its alternative name is Wu Long Tea which similarly tasted like green tea. It is one of the nutritious beverages that are rich in polyphenols. Polyphenols are plant substances containing antioxidant powers helping lower the risks of cancer and heart ailments. It was formerly called Vitamin P. So back to oolong tea, it acts as anti-obesity agent, cholesterol reducer and protection from tooth decay. Coming from sinensis plant, oolong tea aids in digestive problems, powers up immune system and helps prevent the risk of bone disease like osteoporosis. This brown-colored tea allows the building of stronger bones and lessens the buildup of cholesterol levels. Definitely, oolong tea makes healthy food recipe for the entire family.

Here is a healthy food recipe called “Sweet beef chuck steak with oolong tea”. The ingredients include 3 to 4 gingers, 2 to 3 oolong tea bags, 1 pineapple, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 3 cups of water, 2 kilograms beef chuck steak, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of canola oil or olive oil and 1 chopped green onion.

Here is the method for the healthy food recipe. First is to get the pineapple and peel. Take out the inner core of the tropical fruit so you may cut the pineapple into rings. Next is to boil 3 cups of water and place the gingers and tea bags. Let it remain for 10 minutes. Pull out the tea bags and allow the water to cool. Place the beef chuck steak into a bowl and add the cooked liquid. Put a cover and let it stay in the refrigerator for at least 4 to 5 hours.  Set the oven for 400 degrees Fahrenheit. To make a sweet glaze, mix the brown sugar and soy sauce in a saucepan and cook it for 4 minutes over medium heat. Put two skillets in medium heat and pour 1 tablespoon of canola or olive oil to each pan. Then add the pineapple rings on the first pan and get the beef chuck steak from the marinade and lay it over the other pan. Put some glaze over the beef and heat 2-3 minutes per side depending on your preference. Do not overcook. You may turn over the side when you see a golden crust forming. Cook the beef in the oven until 155 degrees Fahrenheit for 9 to 10 minutes. While roasting you may brush the glaze so the sweet taste remains. On the other pan, brush the glaze on the pineapples and turn each side every 2 minutes. Take out the beef from the oven and let it cool for 4 minutes. Slice the beef chuck steak and place the green onion on top. Serve the meal with pineapples.  That’s it for a healthy food recipe.

Symptoms and Cures

Symptoms and cures should be the first things that people should be aware of. A guide to symptoms and cures ought to be the effective approach in preventing a serious illness from worsening or eliminating the infection of a disease to other people. Herbal medicine is popularly known as botanical medicine, phytotherapy and medical herbalism. In simple terms, it is an application of various plant extracts and plants to cure diseases. The extent of medical herbalism ranges from the symptoms and cures of insect bites to common ailments. This folk medicine is termed as alternative medicine by approved medical experts. According to National Health Statistics July report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 33 billion dollars have been paid by people in the United States on consultations to alternative medicine practitioners and herbal medication purchases in the year of 2007.

Symptoms and cures of many ailments can easily be healed by means of herbal medicine. It is merged with other medicinal styles such as Native Americans, Chinese, Ayurvedic and homeopathic. Herbal medicines proves to be extremely valuable in finding symptoms and cures since it has been included in the production of modern medication based in the report of World Health Organisation. It has gained popularity as evident in the survey conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine wherein the most popular among the alternative therapies is CAM therapy.

Symptoms and cures may be identified through the different plant parts which are turned into botanical medicine. The various plant parts particularly stems, seeds, leaves and barks are helpful in healing certain ailments. Here are some of the healing wonders of herbal plants to people. The symptoms and cures of parsley are changes in blood pressure, belching, nausea and bloating while the remedies of parsley to ailments are dyspepsia and rheumatic ailment. Parsley may not only be used as cooking ingredient but a medicinal herb as well. Parsley is considered a natural breath freshener and digestive aid. It is utilized as a medicine to slacken faeces or bring about bowel movements meaning as a laxative. Parsley acts as an aid in decreasing blood pressure and as body detoxifier.

Another example of symptoms and cures of herbal medicine is that of oregano. Swelling, fever and infection are symptoms that are caused by viral infection. Oregano leaves may be boiled and taken as tea drink. Oregano acts as antibacterial remedy for inflammation relief. Also called Winter Marjoram; it has other use such as relief for upset stomach, asthma and problems in urinary system.

Symptoms and cures of guava leaves are very essential to digestive system. Symptoms include abdominal pain, fever, cramps, dizziness and watery faeces. Guava has a healing power of destroying fungi, bacteria and amoebas that are main contributors to diarrhea. Moreover, guava decreases blood pressure and lessens blood sugar. Guava also functions by tightening the blood vessels, lessening spasms and aiding in the cardiovascular system.

Symptoms and cures of soursop are weight loss and nausea while the remedy is to lessen cancer cells. Furthermore, boiling of soursop leaves would bring on calmness and restfulness to the individual. Soursop provides tranquilizing effect.

Wellness and Fitness

Wellness and Fitness is greatly defined by dancing. Aerobic exercise may appear dull and strenuous to some people especially young adults. Nowadays, dancing is not only an extracurricular activity in universities and colleges but a form of wellness and fitness as well. Many people coming from different walks of life have been hiring wellness and fitness instructors to facilitate the proper training and scheduling of dancing classes. There are lots of dancing types to choose from so staying healthy and fit would not be an excuse anymore. Popular or traditional kind of dancing is all it takes to having an optimistic perspective in life. According to Catherine Cram, a physiologist of Comprehensive Fitness Consulting that dancing is a remarkable workout for getting one’s bones strong and keeping stamina.

Wellness and fitness extend itself to social dancing as the timeless moves of square and salsa would definitely offer health benefits to the body. According to the researchers of the Mayo Clinic, dancing enables the body to build strength and endurance. It also lessens physical fatigue and boosts energy. Ballroom dancing is a kind of partner dances which is evidently seen in almost every movie, television and theatrical plays. This kind of dancing is very renowned in Latin America and examples of these are mambo, samba, tango, salsa and paso doble. The various benefits of ballroom dancing are body conditioning, alleviation of stress and fatigue, aids in weight loss and body strengthening.

Wellness and fitness are manifestly seen in ballroom dancing. Based on the study of a New York based school named Albert Einstein College of Medicine, researchers have concluded that ballroom dancing lessens the chances of having dementia. In addition to that, a study made by California State University presented that this form of wellness and fitness regimen helps in burning more than 250 calories per hourly basis. Salsa dancing is a very effective wellness and fitness course of therapy. Weight loss and stress relief are the benefits of salsa dancing. More than 420 calories are being burned by salsa dancing aside from toxin release and reduction of heart rate. Square dancing can be classified into two particularly traditional and modern western squares. It helps in circulatory systems, aids in bone strengthening and toning of muscles. Square dancing reduces calories up to 280, decreases blood pressure and enhances cholesterol level.

An Arab dance called belly dancing is another popular wellness and fitness regimen that is becoming widely popular in almost every country. Sometimes it is referred as Arabic or Middle Eastern dance. The traditional dance used props to add variety and attraction to the performance. The dancers of the olden times use sword, fire sticks, cane, veil and fan to look inviting and appear striking to the audience. Presently, there are classes offered in various countries to experience belly dancing styles such as Gypsy and Raqs Sharqi. Belly dancing becomes part of the American pop culture as videos of well-known singers such as Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Shakira.  The advantages of belly dancing are enhanced posture, relieve stress, firm muscles in shoulders and arms and keep flexibility.  Ballroom and belly dancing are highly regarded as wellness and fitness regimen.


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