Tips to Stay Sharp and Mentally Active

There are simple ways to stay sharp and mentally active and not compromise your maximum mental capability with age. The aging process weakens all the body’s system including the brain and its networks. Along with this, its functions also deteriorate. However, studies discovered that following tips to stay sharp and mental activities stimulates brain connections and increases the brain’s vitality. It is a way of keeping the brain healthy and acts as a preventive measure for diseases affecting brain function like Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Boosting brain functions as early as possible have been suggested by scientists as protective ways against these dementias. Brain connections in mentally active people are a lot stronger than those who don’t do brain exercises regularly. Low educational attainment has been considered as on of the strongest risk factors for dementias. Helpful ways to stay sharp need not drastically done. They can be taken step by step from the simpler ones to the complex ones. Here are some simple ways to stay sharp and mentally active.

  • Always find opportunities to learn new things. Reading books and newspapers, watching television, listening to the radio, and other ways of the media to convey information are accessible ways to learn. Like a book, you can be obsolete. You can upgrade yourself into the updated one by learning along with the newest ways to learn.
  • Do mind games. Crossword puzzles and other puzzles help you to stay sharp by stimulating the brain. At the back of newspapers, crossword puzzles can be found. It can also be your leisure activity. Card games and board games are also good exercises for your brain to stay sharp and active. Mahjong is also one the very popular game with the Chinese and a lot of them claim that it helps them to stay sharp while having fun with their friends. Hence, they also have social benefits for bonding and interaction.
  • Talk with sensible people. People are good sources of information too, especially the sensible ones. They always know something you don’t and you can add them to your collection of information about anything. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, policemen, and other professionals are good to talk to because they have something unique to share with you and this will expand your knowledge.
  • Attend workshops and seminars. Your community covers programs for workshops and seminars along variety of subjects. Usually, these functions have well experienced and professional speakers. These activities will make you stay sharp and will provide you with interactive opportunities with other members of your community.
  • Do gardening. Gardening is not just a simple exercise but it has brain stimulating effects too. According to studies, there is a harmless bacteria found in the soil that activates brain cells to release mood boosters. When you have a lifted mood, you feel like you are open for activities, especially the ones that will help you stay sharp.
  • Exercise regularly. Regular exercise does not just have healthy benefits for the body but also for the mind. Endorphins are known to be mood-lifting chemicals and they are released by the brain as the body is regularly stimulated like in exercise.
  • Eat brain boosting foods. Healthy foods helps make you stay sharp, mentally active, and physically healthy. Whole grains, avocados, nuts, teas, fish, and blueberries are foods known to have benefits for the brain. A healthy brain will provide you with its maximum function.

You don’t need powers like what you see in superheroes on TV or movies just to stay sharp. You can stay sharp in your own simple ways and through simple ways regardless of how old you are.


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