Make Up Tips

Make up tips

Women can use make up to enhance their looks. Make up is a tool that can make one feel more confident and project a more sophisticated appearance.  Make up is an art and there are many make up tips available to help one look her best. Knowing the different make- up, experimenting and using them frequently will lead to acquiring the skills on how to use them well in the long run and create better results.

The following is a step- by- step make up tip guide:

Choose the right shade for your face

Firstly, apply a base and a sunscreen for protection against the damages of the sun. Choosing the right colour of foundation is very important. Some women use the wrong shades and it can look very disastrous when your face appears too pink, too white or too dark when the rest of your skin tone looks beige or different from the neck down. Hence, always test the colour on your hands or better chin to ensure the colours match those of your facial skin tone. This is a key make up tip which should never be compromised.

Depending on your preference, you can always choose either loose powder or pressed powder afterwards. Treat your face like a canvass, using the right shades and colours will turn it into a beautiful face to look and admire.

Conceal blemishes

Concealers are one of the best make up ever invented. One of the best make up tips, is to use it underneath your eyes to conceal dark circles. You can also use a little of it to hide marks, blemishes or spots. If your nose slightly flat, you can also put it on the bridge of your nose to highlight it, giving the illusion of a bridge. Always use your fingers to dab and blend them well, so it does not look patchy.

Shade and shape your eyebrows by using a stencil

Draw and shade your eye brow. Again, use a shade nearest to your eyebrow or hair colour, not too dark or too light. The natural look is always best. Follow the arch of your eyebrow and shade it. If you have trouble drawing the arch, stencils for eyebrows are easily accessible and you can simply buy and use it.

Match eye shadows to your outfit and eyes shape

Depending on how adventurous you are, you can try experimenting with different colours of eye shadows. The shape and size of your eyes will also determine which colours are more suitable for you. If you have small and droopy eyes, it is not advisable to choose black or go for smokey looks as it may make eyes look even smaller. One of the make up tips, is to use shimmering shades like silver or white on the double eyelids to help to open the eyes and make them look bigger. Dabbing a little white colour near the tear duct and blending them will create light and make eyes look more alive too. Line the upper lids to complete the eye make up.

Use eye make up base if you want your eye shadows to last longer, example when you have a date or need to attend a party at night after work. Just touch up or re- apply slightly darker shades before heading for your date or the party.

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Use a piece of card when applying mascara

People say that eyes are windows to your soul. Indeed eyes speak volumes, and hence eyes make up are viewed as one of the most important. However, eye make up are not complete if you neglect your eye lashes. Curl your lashes and use mascara to open up your eyes and add “soul” to them. By enhancing your lashes, attention will be drawn towards your eyes. A make up tip is to use a piece of paper or card and place it on your eyelid area when applying mascara. This prevents the mascara from smudging onto your eyelids. Be sure to use smudge proof mascara for best results.

Treat your lips as a piece of canvass

Red lipsticks not only make your teeth appear whiter, they also tend to brighten up a face. Neutral or pink shades soften the face. Dark purple makes one look vampish while orking executives usually opt for brownish or earthly tones for a more professional image. Young girls use gloss for a natural, dewy effect. Different colours give the wearer a different mood, so choose your lipsticks colour to determine the image you want to project.

A make up tip is to treat the lips as a piece of canvass. You do not have to just slap one colour on the lips. Instead, you can add depth by using a brush and applying lighter colour in the centre of the lips while lining the lips with slightly darker colour. Blend it afterwards to soften and smoothen out the contrast. This is just like painting an art piece, adding light and creating the illusion of dimension on the lips.

If you are having smokey looks for your eyes, it is best to use nude lip colour so that it does not draw attention away from your eyes, which are supposed to be the focus of attention.

Use rouge to accentuate cheek bones

Rouge can help to accentuate your cheek bones. Bronze tones are more suitable for tanned skin while a pink and orange tone add healthy glow to a face. Always blend well so it does not look patchy.

Don’t neglect the hair

Don’t neglect the hair as it forms part of the overall look and contributes to a major part of a first impression. It is equally important to have a good hairstyle which complements your image. Your hair can either enhance or spoil your overall look if it is not done right. The length and colour of the hair play key roles in making you appear younger, trendier, sporty or spunky. That is the reason why a major make- over always involves a hair do.

The above are some make up tips which can help a woman gain more insight on how to use make- up effectively. Knowing more make up tips and applying them into your make up regime, can help you gain more confidence as well as project a more beautiful you.

Good Skin

Good skin

Skin is the largest part of our organs.  It breathes through pores and absorbs good or bad things which we apply on it. Everyone desires to have good skin. Good skin is something that we have to constantly work on, and cannot be taken for granted. The reason is because everyone age and we lose their skin elasticity during our late twenties.

Hereditary Factors

Most of the time, a person’s skin is hereditary just like his or her genes. It is always beneficial to recognize the root of a problem and then find a solution or preventive measure. So, if your family has a history of not so good skin like acne prone skin or eczema, you should prepare what you can do to combat it before puberty (in the case of acne prone skin) or help your children be better prepared for it.

Acquiring adequate knowledge on how to maintain good skin and actively making every determined effort to achieve it, will ensure a higher success rate.

Recognize your skin type & using the right products

Recognize your skin type is one of the ways to start.  Is your skin type oily, dry or a combination or sensitive? Is it prone to break- outs? Is it having fine lines or developing wrinkles?

Using the right or suitable products for your skin will reap results that will be beneficial for your skin. Read the labels, get word- of- mouth feedback from regular users whom you can trust. It does not have to expensive, just effective. There are a lot of natural home remedies that have been passed down from generations that are still being circulated and used today that still gives women glowing good skin.

Getting started on a good skincare regime

Besides the basic 3 steps- wash, tone and moisturise, do remember to exfoliate weekly to achieve good skin. Dead skin produces a layer of flake and if not rid of, may not get the nutrients or moisturisers not being able to penetrate into the skin. On a worst case scenario, dirt starts accumulating and clogs the pores, causing breakouts due to lack of care.

Use a masque every week after exfoliating. Depending on your needs, if your skin is dry, use a hydrating masque. This will improve your skin condition to a certain extent.

Make sure you apply sunscreen before you step out of the house in the day time, so as to prevent sun damages and pigmentation.

Always cleanse your make up thoroughly before you go to bed regardless of how tired you are.

Remember to use appropriate anti- wrinkle cream on wrinkle prone areas like corners of eyes, laugh lines, forehead and also the neck. Do it diligently every night and your efforts will pay off in time to come.

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Diet for good skin

As the saying goes “You are what you eat”. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits which are rich in fibre and in Vitamin C. They are good source of foods to lay a strong foundation for good skin. Drink lots of water as it flashes out toxin from the body.

Avoid having too much caffeinated drink like coffee and soda, alcohol consumption and fried food which are not only bad for the body but skin as well.

Besides Vitamin C, Vitamin B has a pivotal role in maintaining good and healthy skin. Vitamin B2 or riboflavin deficiency can result in brown pigmentation. These ugly spots will usually disappear if vitamin B2 is administered generously over a period of six months. Riboflavin facilitates the use of oxygen to the tissues of the skin, nails, and hair.  Nuts, cheese, milk and lean meat are sources of riboflavin, but it is also found in green leafy vegetables, fish, whole grains and yogurt. Vitamin B6 deficiency on the other hand can result in eczema. Vitamin B6 is available in eggs, chicken, carrots, fish, liver, peas and walnuts. So, it is good to consume food rich in Vitamin B.


Learn to relax and set time aside to unwind with friends or love ones. Stress is one of the underlying causes of not being able to have good skin. Many experienced irritability and have breakouts as a result. Their skin suffers and shows even though some of them do not speak out about or show their stress outwardly.

Lifestyle habits

Some of the habits you adopted like smoking and staying up late nights partying or working will affect your chances of having beautiful good skin.

Sleep is rest for the body as well as your skin. Even machines will break down if not been given sufficient rest or over- worked. It is important to embrace a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise, sufficient sleep and healthy diet to leave your skin glowing and not lackluster or tired.

Pamper yourself and your skin once in a while, soak in a hot bath, go for a spa treatment or opt for a body scrub. These treatments will also do wonders and leave you rejuvenated and your skin radiant.

External Environment

It is important to recognize the conditions of our external environments and react to it effectively.

Change of season will affect the skin hydration level, so it is crucial to apply more moisturizer during the cold, dry winter. Apart from that, working or staying in a dusty environment will also affect skin conditions. If you are going through renovation, wear a mask and remember to cleanse your skin thoroughly daily. Prolonged exposure to sunlight also has a negative impact on skin pigmentation. To maintain good skin and protect skin from the harsh ultra violet rays, it is advisable to apply moisturizer with SPF of 30 and above or wear a hat.

The above are just some tips to be mindful about, in order to have or maintain healthy good skin.


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