Happy Food

Using the Happy Food translate to food that makes you happy. Recent research.... which determines our state of mind

Happy Food translates to Food that makes You HAPPY.

Recent research has confirmed that there is a link between eating certain types of foods and lifting one’s mood, with the production of some substances at a cerebral level which determine our state of mind.

So what are some of the happy food?


chocolate Remember the time you were offered these when you were little? Even before you put them into your mouth to savour them, you were already feeling thrilled and happy.

Some experts believe that foods sweet and rich in carbohydrates like chocolate has disease fighting anti- oxidant and also have a calming and soothing effect; however, others, consider that the caffeine and some other substances contained in the chocolates act as stimulants. Whatever it may be, the very pleasure it gives to our palate, is sufficient to make it be considered as a top happy food.


icream It is difficult to resist rich flavoured, colourful looking ice cream. There are so many flavours to choose from, not to mention, the variety of toppings like nuts or fruits and syrups to choose from.

Ice cream is considered a happy food to many. Adults and children are always seen enjoying the cold dairy product on a hot day. Obviously, it not only makes them feel less warm but the sugar content also perks them up and gives them bursts of energy, when they are having fun outdoors. Also, milk which is a rich source of calcium, and a natural mood booster.


banana Banana has high content in minerals, such as magnesium. Magnesium not only helps to reduce anxiety but also relax sore muscle.

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Other foods which are rich in magnesium are almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. These seeds are also rich in naturally serotonin that will improve your mood and leaving you energised. Serotonin is found in Prozac, a prescribed medication for depression. So, have some of these happy foods to feel your mood lifted up.

4)      RED MEAT

redmeat Most of the joyful celebration or feast would involve sumptuous dishes with red meat. It is considered to many, a happy food that they cannot do without. While there are a lot of controversies about the benefits of red meat, it does have its own sets of merits.

Red meat is a good energy source and helps to build muscles as well. Consuming 85 grams daily is to sufficient to raise iron intake. Iron deficiency leads to constant fatigue and weakness.

Vitamin B12 can be obtained from the animal protein. It is essential in the production of red blood cells and vital for preventing dementia. Zinc, which is also found in it, is important for wound healing.


wine Alcohol is often used as a quick fix to having a fun session. However, many studies have established that over consumption in alcohol can be a devastating depressant.

However, a drink a day, especially red wine, could be beneficial to the heart. The beneficial compounds in wine include antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids.

Champagne is a form of sparkling wine and is produced originally within the Champagne region in France, and hence its name. Some researches show that moderate consumption of Champagne can help to prevent deterioration of brain cells. Its health benefits are trace minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium and lithium (a mood regulator). It’s no wonder the bubbly drink makes us merry.

People become intoxicated and feel high- spirited more quickly on Champagne as alcohol is more rapidly absorbed when mixed with carbonated water. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons why Champagne is often used to celebrate a happy occasion due to this.


pasta What is the common component found in pasta, bread and fries?  The answer is carbohydrates. Often, they are viewed as a sort of “comfort food”. The components of Carbohydrates are starches, dietary fibre and sugars. Starch and sugar provide the body with energy. Without carbohydrates, our bodies will feel tired, angry and irritable easily.

Striking a balance is always the advice of many food experts- Everything in moderation. In our quest to seek out the happy foods to feel happy for the moment, we must also be mindful of whether consuming them will let us lead healthier lives. In conclusion, to help our body produce good- mood chemicals, it is best to consume foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals which benefit our body, health and well being.

How to be Happy

What makes you happy?

Everyone has a different view of happiness. One who is poor may think being rich is to equivalent to happiness. But an unhealthy man will think health is happiness.

Here are some simple ways or tricks to on how to be happy:

How to be Happy | Health News Online

1 ) Happy Thoughts

What are some of the thoughts which make you happy?  Simply reminiscing about those happy thoughts and fond memories should bring a smile to your face. Alternatively, flipping through old photo albums will also make you remember some treasured moments you had.

2 ) Laugh And Joke

Crack a joke, share some happy moments with people around you. Not only will you lift someone’s mood, you will also in turn feel happier and be more popular.

3 ) Don’t Take Things To Heart And Bear Grudges

If you take everything to heart personally and cannot let go even if they are most trifle things, it is hard to not to have a heavy heart and carry that weight with you everywhere you go. Lighten your load, let it go.

4 ) Set Realistic Attainable Goals

Do not set a goal that is superbly hard to achieve because if you cannot achieve it, you will be in a foul mood. Rather, set yourself step- by- step goals and have a time frame to reach it. Then proceed to the next goal. It is easier and less stressful that way. You will also feel more empowered and confidant once you managed to accomplished a few goals.

5 ) Strong Bonding with family and friends

No man is an island by itself; we need support from family and friends. Having them to share our joys makes our lives more fun and sorrows more palatable.

6 ) Do Something You Enjoy

Make it a point to do something you enjoy every week. It can be a hobby like swimming or eating your favourite meal or meet up with a bunch of friends to unwind. That’s simply how to be happy.

7 ) Identify The Cause of Your Unhappiness

Are there issues that disturb you and does not give you peace?

Identify and face it. Think of possible solutions and work towards solving it. Brushing it aside will not cease the problem as it will surface again. If you need help, seek it. If you need support, ask from friends and families. There are always ways to solve an issue if you are determined enough.

8 ) Be Optimistic

Always hope for the best and think positively. Happiness is in the state of the mind.

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9 ) Have Faith In God

It’s always good to have a strong backing and know that someone divine who is strong cares and watches over you. When there are times that you cannot seem to have a break through, leave it to a higher power. There are many people who experienced more peace and joy after knowing God.

Attend services in churches, have a sense of belonging to a community or network and mix with people who share the same faith and genuinely care for each other.

10 ) Take Time To Smell The Roses

You can take it literately and stroll in the park. Or have the roses at home. Beautiful things with wonderful scent are pleasurable to us. It’s no wonder the men keep sending them to the women when they want to woo them. That’s how the men make them happy.

Of course, we mean take time off our busy schedule and enjoy the simple things in life and relax. It can be your child’s giggles or a walk with your partner by the beach. Whatever makes you happy and relax at the end of the day.

11 ) Love Unconditionally

Do first unto other what you want them to do unto you. Love unconditionally; show affection to your family, children, friends, neighbours, co- workers and bosses, even though some are hard to love and appreciate. Don’t expect them to reciprocate so quickly though. Chances are they will eventually open up and see you in a different light. Things will change for the better and everything will become smoother for you.

12 ) Take Care of Basic Needs And Be Prepared for Rainy Days

It’s important to be financially savvy, and the least you could do is to make sure that your basic needs are met and that you have save for the rainy days. This is so that you are not thrown off- guard when something happens and you have no means of support.

13 ) Treat Yourself Well

We are not suggesting you splurge on expensive food or treatments daily. It could be done once in a few months and be something simple and inexpensive like going for a hair- cut, a good soak in the bath tub or a simple massage.

As long as you treat your body well and feel relaxed, you will feel a sense of calmness and happiness.

14 ) Go for a Vacation

If you can afford it, go for a trip with your love ones. It does not only help you relax and unwind but also build stronger bonds with each other. It also expands your knowledge in terms of the countries you are visiting.

15 ) Don’t Worry

Some people worry themselves to death. Instead of worrying, turn it into a positive approach; think how you can expect the worst and how to counter the problems. This way, the success rate is higher and you can reach your goals faster.

16 ) Speak Words Of Affirmation And Whine Not

Be seen as a positive influence. Encourage people around you and give them the support they need. Speaking words of affirmation rubs off a positive note onto others. People will tend to remember you positively and look up to you.

While complaining let you distress, people who whine too often “repel” others. Their endless nagging and negative spirit drives people away from them.

17 ) Don’t Brood Over Past Mistake or Sorrows

Life is short, do not spend time brooding what is past and live with regrets. Move on, do not dwell in the past and let fear or sorrow consume you. Focus on the present to make a better future.

18 ) Learn How To Reject People Tactfully

Acknowledge that you cannot possibly please everyone. There will be times when you are being asked to do a favour. If the favours are things you find very difficult to agree with, take a step back and think it through. Do not agree on the spot and regret later.

Learn how to say no or turn it down politely, stating the reasons. This way it gives you more control over your emotional well-being and your life.

19 ) Give Back to Society

It’s true, giving back to society and to those less fortunate is one way to be happy. Doing good deeds let us feel good.

20 ) Stop Comparing

Life can become miserable if we never stop comparing ourselves with our others. We will never be satisfied with what we are blessed with and there will be no end to wanting more. Sometimes, knowing how to be happy is to be contended and count our blessings.

Mastering how to be happy is not easy, but it is possible. Make up your mind and start a mental note each day consciously wanting to be happy. Learn from the children, find pleasure in simple things.


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