Facial Spas


Second only to a body message, facial spas are the most popular gift we give ourselves. Facial spas can be done at home, but for a special treat, have a facial by a trained esthetician. Facial spas are for relaxation, and cleaner, clearer skin.

Estheticians are trained professionals found in facial spas. He or she has had special training to become educated in skin types and care. A trained esthetician will be able to give you a relaxing facial to rejuvenate your skin, and can recognize problems that may arise or exist on your skin. If the problem you are having needs more attention than she can provide, a professional esthetician will refer you to a dermatologist for treatment.

When you find an esthetician or facial care specialist, you will want to take notice of the work area. See that everything is clean. The chair or bed must be fresh and clean, the esthetician must be clean and all instruments must be sterile. When anyone is touching your face or body, it is important everything be as clean as a medical office.

Estheticians in facial spas are licensed in most states. If you would feel better knowing how your state licenses estheticians, you can find information on the internet. Your esthetician may have a certificate displayed at her location. Many states require estheticians to have at least 600 hours of training before they can be certified. You have a right to ask the esthetician how much training she has had. Estheticians operating facial spas are also called skin care therapists.

Medical spas are under the supervision of a medical professional and offer services for the treatment of spots, redness, and broken capillaries. These are conditions that cannot be treated by an esthetician in facial spas without a medical professional on site.

Facial spas offer services for the skin that include facials that exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation must be done right to leave the skin smooth and fresh without damage. This allows facial products to penetrate the skin. The skin is rubbed with an abrasive to remove dead skin cells, or a gentle abrasive with a small round brush. Exfoliation can range from a sugar or coffee ground scrub, or jojoba beads for a more complete result. Chemical exfoliation uses enzymes, alphahydroxy acids or betahydroxy acids. These substances break down the glue that holds the cells together allowing the old cells to be removed.

Some facial spas use effleurage which is stroking used in Swedish massage and facials. Effleurage can be used for the entire body. The massage therapist or esthetician will start with gentle strokes and increase the pressure, depending on the desired results.

The two types of effleurage are gentle facial and deep massage. Facial effleurage uses a gentle touch for smoothing of the skin. The therapist applies more pressure along with oils at the end of the massage. The different types of massages range from the body massage to facial spas.

Facial spas are enjoyed by men and women of all ages. The most obvious reason for having a facial massage is for relaxation. Facial spas are also nice for rejuvenating the skin, removing old cells, applying products deep in to the skin, and for wrinkle removal.


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