Cardio Exercises

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Cardio exercises are definitely fitting for people who desire to give the impression of being slim and toned. Cardio exercises bestow psychological benefits to workout enthusiasts. Sedentary jobs cause people to experience back pain, stiff muscles and headache due to being fixed for 8 hours at a computer monitor. A strong need for cardio exercises benefits people with this type of occupation so as to minimize muscle tension, provide temporary relief from trepidation and apprehension and get a pleasant slumber. The chief goal of cardio exercise aficionados is weight loss but this type of workout offers more than that. Cardio exercise grants people with leaner bodies, stronger lungs, potent blood-pumping organ and increased energy. Cardio exercise buffs radiate more confidence on their appearance and feel happier and energetic.

There are various types of cardio exercises depending on an individual’s workout plan and goals. The category of cardio exercises comprise of outdoor, indoor or with combination of exercise equipment. It may also be high or low impact cardio exercise depending on the health condition of the individual. Based on the latest research of Brunel University’s Music Head in Sport Research section, Dr. Costas Karageorghis stated that listening to music enables people to make cardio exercise more exciting and lively. This research has been testified to be accurate by 36 year old, world-renowned marathon athlete and holder of Olympic title Haile Gebrselassie. Music is a powerful stimulant and mood regulator enabling people to have positive feelings while doing cardio exercises.

The following cardio exercises are proven to trim down unwanted calories in less than an hour.

  • Bicycling is a great outdoor cardio exercise enhancing the proper circulation of blood and leg strengthening. It may be used with stationary bike or recumbent bikes.
  • Swimming is a remarkable cardio exercise for the entire body to be in great shape. It may burn an average of 300 calories in 30 minutes.
  • Step Aerobics has been a smash hit during the 70’s and has been endorsed by fitness specialist Richard Simmons and former fashion model Jane Fonda. This cardio exercise aims at slimming the hips, legs and butt and cuts down more than 350 calories with high impact workout. Common movements comprise T-step, repeater knee, L-step, corner knee, over-the-top, I-step, lunges, v-step, straddle down and split step. Dumbbells and high-steps are equipments for this type of cardio exercise.
  • Running is the apposite cardio exercise for the lungs and heart which enhances stamina, increases metabolic rate, develops muscle mass and gives a elated feeling called ‘runner’s high”.
  • Rock climbing helps cultivate balance, mental and physical concentration, muscle strength, coordination and flexibility. This cardio exercise and sport is great for people of all ages.
  • Rowing is an excellent rhythmic cardio exercise for relieving stress, upper and lower body workout, burning calories and designed for joint movement.
  • Walking enhances cognitive function and lessens the risks of breast cancer in women. This outdoor cardio exercise provides a dose of vitamin D, improved circulation and reduces depression.


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