Abdominal Exercises

abdominal exercise

Have you ever speculated what are the same features of the hottest celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba possess? These famous movie personalities and music artist show great pride in their great abs and washboard stomachs. Abdominal exercise workouts and its equivalent machines are gaining reputation in most infomercials and its sales in retail shops are in high demand. Abdominal exercises target the stomach muscles and enjoyable when you incorporate the use of equipments such as medicine ball and yoga ball.

Here is the list of the top abdominal exercises for the rectus abdominus which is popularly known as the six-pack muscle.

  • Bicycle Crunch remains to be the most recommended and excellent abdominal exercise. According to the research performed at the Biomechanics Lab in an Diego State University, 30 individuals comprising of women and men who are above twenties to middle forties have been assessed with the use of electromyography. This equipment proved that this is the best abdominal exercise for the oblique muscles and rectus abdominus.
  • Captain's Chair exercise is deemed to be the second top abdominal exercise with the use of power tower equipment or knee raise station. This abdominal exercise requires the use of this gym apparatus for better support since it is built with fore-arm rest as well as backrest. It is simply done by grasping the handles of the equipment, raising the knees up to chest level then remain in that position for 8 seconds with a repetition of 10 times.
  • Vertical Leg Crunch is a very magnificent abdominal exercise targeting other muscles such as internal obliques and external obliques. This workout may be done by just lying on your back with both hands behind your head. Then legs should be straighten up in the air while gently lifting your shoulders, head and upper back from the floor. It should be an average of 3 inches then after resting in that position, return to beginning point.
  • Long arm crunch is another great abdominal exercise for oblique muscle strengthening. The proper way of performing this abdominal exercise is by starting in supine position with arms over the head and bended knees. Then curl up while arms are fully extended and repeat this abdominal exercise for 12 times.
  • Crunch on an exercise ball is performed using an exercise ball to aid in enhancing core strength and balance. This abdominal exercise compels the participant to keep in the position while performing the workout. First is to lie on the exercise ball and place the ball in the center of the upper back and buttocks. The feet should lie flat on the floor with both hands behind the head then lift the torso slightly not greater than 45 degrees.
  • Reverse Crunch Abdominal exercise aims for the lower abs. Set off in supine position with hands resting beside the body then raise the knees until the thighs are in 90 degrees position. Place a little pressure in the target muscles by contracting the legs.
The easiest way to achieve six-pack abs is to regularly perform the above mentioned abdominal exercises along with a balanced diet and consumption of supplements.

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