Anaerobic Exercise

anaerobic exercise Brief and high-intensity workout called anaerobic exercise is required by people who yearn to have muscular and well-defined bodies. Anaerobic exercise is performed without oxygen. This kind of workout is being employed by athletes especially bodybuilders. Charles Atlas, Nikki Fuller, Rich Gaspari and Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the popular bodybuilders who have engaged in anaerobic exercise to build stronger muscles and augment physical power and strength. Anaerobic exercise is considered hardcore training given that a short duration of time will be needed in order to develop muscle mass and reduce weight. Physical fitness experts advise that anaerobic exercise is not allowed to be performed for lengthy periods so as to avoid the possibility of muscle injury.

Anaerobic exercise has numerous benefits to individuals including increased metabolism. Anaerobic exercises such as weight lifting and weight training burn calories at a faster rate thus muscles are formed and more energy is generated helping the body avoid negative outcome such as constipation and indigestion. Heightened metabolism facilitates greater energy and vigor among exercise enthusiasts. Aside from that, anaerobic exercise fortifies the bones enabling the person to perform different sorts of exercises. Another benefit of anaerobic exercise is that it forms muscles to serve as joint protection. Anaerobic exercise is a good defense against the risk of osteoporosis thus posing as a shield against injuries and fracture.

Anaerobic exercise augments energy levels and at the same time it escalates sports performance. Muscular power enhancement relies to the steadiness of tempo and power for particular skills and sports. Volleyball players require great muscular strength in order to release a good spike or and wrestlers to perform Fireman's carry takeover and Full nelson slam. Body builders also excel in their field by displaying great strength in Olympic lifts variations such as snatch and power clean.

Anaerobic exercises also decreases sugar levels particularly glycogen. People who are always on the go burns this sugar as fuel while those who are deskbound and not energetic have converted sugar into fats. Anaerobic exercise is highly essential in sugar level maintenance. The overall impact of anaerobic exercise produces youthful and impressive looking individuals.

The categories of anaerobic exercise include strength training and calisthenics which comprises of the following:

  • Sprinting is running at maximum speed and considered a great stress killer that targets the hamstrings. This anaerobic exercise is suggested to be practiced 2 times weekly with an interval of 2 to 3 days. This anaerobic exercise boosts growth hormones which facilitates in improving the immune system, encouraging weight loss, powers up the heart and bones and augmenting stamina.
  • Weight lifting is another anaerobic exercise which reshapes floppy arms and flabby butts. It is considered a good body shaper and posture builder.
  • Biking increases the production of endorphins which helps elevate positive mood as well as enhances flexibility of muscles in the lower body parts.
  • Push-ups is designed to target the chest, shoulders, glutes, calf, hamstrings, triceps, feet, heart, forearms, biceps and upper back.
Anaerobic exercise is a superb total body workout just like cardio exercise. A combination of the anaerobic exercises may be employed with the use of equipments such as treadmill, weights and exercise bicycle to avoid boredom.

What is the Anaerobic Exercise?