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An aphrodisiac can be a food, drink or even a certain action that excites sexual desire. Aphrodisiac can create the right mood or setting to enhance sexual pleasure.

Here are some forms of Aphrodisiacs, other than food and drinks, which can be used to simulate the 5 different senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste), to arouse and excite sexual desires:

1. Perfume & Cologne

Scent evokes the desire through the sense of smell. Some smell sets the mood right and makes you appeal more to the opposite sex. It’s no wonder the perfume industry are booming as it not only makes a personal statement about you but also attracts.

The word “pheromone” is derived from the Greek words, pherein and hormone- meaning “excitement carrier.” Pheromones attract the opposite sex that naturally triggers romantic feelings. At the Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia in 1986, some scientists discovered the existence of human pheromones in human sweat. Researchers conducted an experiment involving an identical twin. One of them was sprayed with pheromones and both twins sat at a bar for an evening. In the end, the twin who had the pheromone boost was approached three times more.

2. Sexy Music Songs

Music can often be the prelude and can effectively set the mood right. A sexy song can lead to feeling romantic or sensuous. A dance can often result in the end and the “tango” can lead to the hot passion in bed.

3. Skin, Lingerie, Sexy Movie

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Men are often weak in the presence of beauty. Different people have different weakness of the eye and are drawn to different physical assets. Some are attracted to bosoms or butts and some women may like muscles or a six pack. Employing lingerie and a sexy movie can heighten the desire as well.

4. Touch & Smell- Erotic Aromatherapy Massage

Touch plays an important role in this Aphrodisiac. When someone you fancy touches you, it will usually create an electrifying sensation. Touch is undeniably one of the key and most important elements in a couple’s relationship.

Scent, on the other hand, creates an air of romance. You can use Rose oil, as a form of aromatherapy to create a more romantic and sensual mood.

An erotic aromatherapy massage could relax a partner with the wonderful smell and your warm touch leading to other activities in bed.

5. Verbal Aphrodisiac – art of flirting

Sometimes, flirting is the start of it all. It often happens in an affair, because flirting is often fun to the receiver and he or she will feel desirable and sexy.

6. Sex Games for Couples

It can be a simple board game with the loser having to strip and kiss the winner where he or she demands. It is fun and provocative. By the end of the game, both of you will either, end up laughing or be having some hot, passionate kissing. And it is an easy guess where and what it will lead you to.


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