Beauty Tips & Secrets

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Beauty tips and secrets are substantially valuable to both women and men especially in this era of makeover and glamour. The essence of beauty covers both inner and outer appearance which is why people are so absorbed with their search for the best cosmetics, effective diet plan, exercise tips, wellness advices and everything and anything about beauty tips and secrets. There is an old saying from a great novelist stating that beauty is power which urges more and more people to strive hard to reach perfectionism.

Take a peek on some simplified and easy to remember beauty tips and secrets:

  • Incorporate spirulina, royal jelly and ginkgo biloba to your diet. This beauty tip and secret is intended for hair care. The abovementioned supplements stimulate hair growth and decelerate the signs of aging. Ginkgo biloba extract helps in lessening the risks of glaucoma and disorders of the retina.
  • Apply sunscreen to hair. This beauty tip and secret is to avoid sunburn and save you from having breakage and split ends due to scorching heat of the sun. You may purchase SPF 15 or greater especially for those who have occupation which obliges them to be out in the open from morning until afternoon. Those who are strolling in the beach may wear straw hat or cap. Sunscreen protectors may also be in the form of lip moisturizers which help in keeping the skin from the sun.
  • Revamp your hairstyle every 2 years. According to popular hair expert Nick Chavez, keeping your hairstyle up-to-date is part of beauty tip and secret especially if you desire to look younger and stylish.
  • Exercise regularly. This is a very significant beauty tip and secret that people of all ages should follow. Exercise not only exterminates stress, gives better sleep, soothes the pressured mind, trims down the risk of heart diseases but it promotes hair growth. Do not just rely to thickening shampoos or resorting to micro-hair transplants, try going to gym or engaging in outdoor activities such as tennis to enhance blood circulation which is good for the scalp.
  • Remove unwanted hair. Boosting of confidence and self-esteem are definitely important as part of beauty tips and secrets. Topical solution, waxing, laser hair removal technology and electrolysis are the treatments to overproduction of androgens and endocrine ailments causing unwanted facial hair.
  • Throw away expired cosmetics. Remove powder eye shadows from your collection of cosmetics if it is more than 7 months and also dispose mascara which are already been used for 12 weeks. This beauty tip and secret is highly essential in avoiding eye infections like conjunctivitis.
  • Apply caution in using eye cosmetics. Do not put on makeup while riding a moving car or any means of transportation because it may unintentionally thrust into the eye during an abrupt break. Remember to maintain the sharpness of the eyeliners to avoid scratching the eyes.
  • Always apply lip balm. This beauty tip and secret is to prevent cheilitis or chapped lips. Frequent use of lip balm is needed especially during winter season or windy weather.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water. This beauty tip and secret makes the lips and skin hydrated.
  • Get 7 hours of sleep. Models know that best and this prevents you looking like a panda with dark circles. You will look more energetic after getting a restful sleep and feeling more recharged.
  • Exfoliate every week. The average human being generates a new layer of skin every two weeks. At the end of the cycle, the old dead cells are shed and lies on the surface. If the dead skin cells are not exfoliated and removed, they can clog the pores, resulting in spots or blackheads. To improve your complexion, exfoliate weekly so that skin is also renewed and feel refreshed. This is just one of the simple beauty tip and secret of women who knows how to take good care of their skin.

Beauty tips and secrets should be adhered to firmly so as to maintain a healthy and youthful look.


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