Coffee Facts

coffeeIt is a coffee fact that millions of people from all over the world are pining for a cup of this hot beverage in the morning at home and in the office. Another interesting coffee fact to be amazed at is that Americans are the top coffee consumers although they are non-producers of this best-selling commodity. It is astonishing to know that daily there is an estimate of more than 350 million cups of this beverage being consumed in United States alone in spite of the coffee fact that a huge production of this caffeine-rich drink is derived from Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Colombia. The benefits of coffee is tremendously significant that is why another coffee fact to dwell upon is that it becomes one of the rising business services with more than 5 percent of growth rate yearly. Another coffee fact for fanatics is that this caffeinated drink was believed to be an Arabian wine in Europe and considered aphrodisiac in Turkey.

It is an observable coffee fact especially among aficionados that this beverage’s delectable taste as well as the flavorful aroma increases its reputation among people. A great coffee fact and trivia to wonder about is that many countries have blended this caffeinated drink with different ingredients such as chocolate in Europe, spices in Arab countries and ice in Japan. Another magnificent coffee fact is its health benefits to drinkers.

The benefits of coffee are wide ranging which comprise of the following:

  • Antioxidant. Based on the study of the University of Scranton and verified by the American Chemical Society, being the leading antioxidant source is among the greatest benefits of coffee. Joe Vinson’s research of the benefits of coffee as sponsored by the American Cocoa Research proved that 2 cups of decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee provides high level of antioxidants in the body which is an excellent defense against cancer and cardiovascular ailments.
  • Appetite Suppressant. Being a weight loss diet is part of the benefits of coffee. Weight conscious individuals this drink hot or cold beverage to free themselves from hunger pangs. Part of the coffee fact is that it may be used as meal replacement.
  • Analgesic enhancement. Caffeine is being added as ingredient to most medications such as Anacin, Midol, Vanquish, Vivarin and Cafergot to enable these drugs provide faster relief from pain. Benefits of coffee diminish the possibility of side effects due to prolonged drinking of pain relievers.
  • Fertilizer. According to Backwoods Home magazine, expert gardeners utilized used coffee grounds as part of compost pile. Garden enthusiasts identified a coffee fact that its substances comprising of carbohydrates, vitamins, sugar and minerals are beneficial to plants.
  • Risk reducer of Dementia. In Finland, the University of Kuopio and National Public Health Institute have claimed this year that one of the best benefits of coffee is its capability to trim down the risk of obtaining dementia.
  • Risk reducer of Colon cancer and gallstone disease. The Harvard School of Public Health has confirmed the healthy benefits of coffee for lessening the risk of gallbladder-removal surgery by consuming an average of 2 cups daily.

The benefits of coffee are plentiful and highly significant in a person’s health.

Immunity Boosters

The immune system grows weaker as it faces an army of rising diseases and increasing bacteria surrounding us. Immunity boosters comprising of selected foods and supplements shield the body from viruses, allergens and germs. Unbreakable habits such as excessive alcohol intake and eating too much sweets and fats add up to the opponents of immunity boosters. An individual ought to take care one’s body by trimming down on sugary snacks and foods filled with trans fat and might as well augment on taking immunity boosters to drive away diseases and germs.

Here is a list of foods that are considered excellent immunity boosters:

  • Mushrooms have been discovered to be a potent immunity booster by Tokyo University educator, Dr. Shibata. ABM mushroom or Agaricus Blazei Murrill as its scientific name, is found in Ideate, Brazil. British and other Japanese researchers have testified that ABM mushroom contains high level of Beta-glucans which are immune strengthening substances and tumor eradicators. Other cancer-fighting and immunity booster mushrooms include shiitake, reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Asian “Turkey Tail” and Phellinus Linteus.
  • Romaine lettuce provides about 40 percent of the Vitamin C needed as daily requirement as well as contributes in blood clotting making it an excellent immunity booster.
  • Tuna and salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids which serve as immunity boosters. These particular fishes augment the action of phagocytes making bacteria less active in the body. According to the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, Skipjack, albacore and yellowfin tuna contains high amount of selenium which decreases the mercury levels consumed in the body.
  • Garlic is a popular culinary herb, anti-inflammatory and great anti-microbial agent making it a superb immunity booster. In addition to that, garlic is analgesic and antiseptic. It combats illnesses such as candida, urinary tract infection, herpes and upper respiratory tract infections. As immunity booster, garlic lessens the possibility of cancer and atherosclerosis. This immunity booster lowers the levels of blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Kiwi and oranges provides more than the daily requirement of Vitamin C to our diet with 240% and 130% respectively. Aside from that, its potassium content is high making these fruits an excellent immunity booster.
  • Broccoli, carrots and bell peppers are vegetables delivering high amounts of vitamin C. It also has dietary fiber and potassium making it a very valuable immunity booster. These may be eaten boiled, raw or steamed.
  • Whole grain cereals defend the body from the risk of gastrointestinal disorders as well as fortify the immune system. Based on the study of the University of Reading, 31 participants in the study have been examined to have escalated levels of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria after eating bowls of these immunity boosters for less than 2 months.

Immunity boosters may also come in the form of supplements such as:

  • Vitamin C is the widely known immunity booster for inhibiting the entry of germs and viruses causing colds and flu. It also heightens the white blood cell production and lessens the possibility of heart ailments.
  • Vitamin E fires up the productions of Natural killer cells or NK cells which exterminates cells causing tumors.
  • Zinc is a remarkable immunity booster for improving the production of white blood cells and release of antibodies.

People should be aware of the natural and supplementary immunity boosters in order to diminish the risk of getting ailments due to viruses and bacteria.

Omega Fish Oil

Omega Fish oil is originated from the tissues of fishes.

The Eskimo population has low count of coronary heart disease and this was hugely attributed to their regular diet of marine animals and fish. These sources are rich in omega-3 fatty acids called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Other studies have also revealed that cultures with high fish consumption, such as the Japanese, have similarly low rates of coronary heart diseases.

The following are other benefits of Omega Fish Oils:

1. Provides Better Memory and Neurological Development

Omega fish oil is reputable for improving our memory and the development and functioning of our brains.

Omega has been proven to reduce dementia and age related brain issues. Children with dyslexia and compulsive disorders have also shown that they learn and cope better due to the consumption of Omega 3 oils.

2. Strengthen Vision Ability

Omega Fish Oil enhances our vision. A study was done and survey showed that those elderly who consumed fish regularly were less likely to develop vision loss and opt for a cataract operation versus those who do not incorporate fish in their diet at all.

3. Build up the immunity and nervous system

To fight against viruses, our bodies need to produce specific antibodies to battle. Omega Fish Oil helps build up our defences against them and boost our immunity and nervous systems so that we do not fall ill easily.

2. Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

It work wonders for our heart and cardiovascular system. Omega Fish Oil also helps to lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. This adds more years to our life expectancy.

3. Prevention from Stroke and Heart Attack

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When plaque accumulates on arterial walls, it causes clot. If a clot gets stuck, it causes a stroke and when it plugs an artery, a heart attack will result. Omega Fish Oil can break up clots before they cause any damages.

4. Less Pain and Inflammation

Omega regulates your body’s inflammation cycle and relieves painful conditions like arthritis and cystitis.

5. Ease Stress and Depression

Omega 3 fish oil supplements are found to relieve the symptoms of stress and depression.

6. Reduction of Breast, Colon and Prostate Cancer

Omega Fish Oil inhibits a normal healthy cell to change to a cancerous mass and causing cellular death to cancer cells. Hence, it helps to reduce the chances of breast, colon or even prostate cancer.

7. They even help fight wrinkles

Amazingly, the fatty acids are also rich in anti oxidant and helps combat fine lines and dryness. It improves the elasticity of our skin too.

8. Helps with reproduction

Supplementing our diet with Omega Fish Oil will restore the balance of eicosanoids in our bodies. This will in turn result in increasing blood flow to the uterus ensuring that the endometrial lining is fully developed. This helps to increase the chances of implantation for the fertilized eggs.

As for the men, Omega 3 plays an important function by regulating the sperm flow and increasing their count. It is also strengthen the sperm and enable them to reach the eggs faster.

Start to take Omega Fish Oil supplements or incorporate more cold water oily fish into your diet regularly. It definitely increases our overall health and mental well being.

Weight Loss Exercises

The popularity of weight loss exercise is remarkable evident as broadcasted in American reality shows like “The Biggest Loser”. Being horizontally challenged is terribly difficult and irritating not only for reason that you are unable to endure strenuous tasks but the ugly truth that obese persons have high risks of acquiring cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other health conditions. The infomercials about weight loss exercises shown every day in the television is not really like stealing acorns from a blind pig. Fast weight loss exercises should not be done without the proper consultation from a fitness expert. There are apposite workouts designed for every individual’s needs especially when you desire for quicker results. The suitable weight loss exercise program requires a combination of cardio workout as well as weight training regimen.

High-speed weight loss exercises and gaining weight rapidly is considerably harmful to the body. It is advisable to learn weight loss exercise tips prior to jumping fast on a particular exercise routine. Those people who desire to do weight loss exercises in the gym should first consult with a trainer and remember muscle toning entails large quantity of repetitions and carrying of few pounds of gym equipments. This kind of weight loss exercise is designed for either the arms or back and even the legs.

A great and exciting weight loss exercise tip is to work together with a partner. It is best to choose a partner who is knowledgeable in spotting or understanding when to aid another person to lift and return heavy gym equipment safely during weight loss exercise workout. A good spotter is required when doing weight loss exercises such as bench press, barbell squat; skull crusher and barbell push press.

Here is a list of easy weight loss exercises:

  • Bicycling is extremely pleasurable especially when you go on groups riding around in hills, parks and rough terrains. This weight loss exercise is great for any climate since it may be done indoors with a stationary bike. It is deemed to be a life-long activity which is a great starting point for overweight individuals. It considered therapeutic for the heart as well as the mind. Bone mass enhancement and great muscle tone is being developed with bicycling regularly. Joe Friel who is the writer of the book, “Cycling Past 50” endorses this type of weight loss exercise to lessen cancer and diabetes risks, enhance blood chemistry, have a good digestion and diminish chronic pain.
  • Racquetball provides an increased heart rate activity of 70 to 85%. It involves repetitive workout of almost every muscle in the body and enhances endurance. This weight loss exercise is very entertaining you won’t remember that you are working out.
  • Walking may be done for 10 minutes followed by 5-minute stretching activity. Afterwards walk for half an hour and bring along a heartrate calculator to measure whether you have reached 60% heart rate. End the weight loss exercise with a 7-minute cool down routine.
  • Weight lifting is best but remember to warm up before starting. Wear cotton clothing and consult a physiotherapist to understand what lifting technique is suitable for your age, body and health condition.
  • Stair climbing helps in reducing an estimate of 2.7 kilograms yearly and lessens the risk of heart diseases.

Choose an easy weight loss exercises to start off and continue reducing unwanted fats by increasing the level of activities and combining it with weight training.

Abdominal Exercises

Have you ever speculated what are the same features of the hottest celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba possess? These famous movie personalities and music artist show great pride in their great abs and washboard stomachs. Abdominal exercise workouts and its equivalent machines are gaining reputation in most infomercials and its sales in retail shops are in high demand. Abdominal exercises target the stomach muscles and enjoyable when you incorporate the use of equipments such as medicine ball and yoga ball.

Here is the list of the top abdominal exercises for the rectus abdominus which is popularly known as the six-pack muscle.

  • Bicycle Crunch remains to be the most recommended and excellent abdominal exercise. According to the research performed at the Biomechanics Lab in an Diego State University, 30 individuals comprising of women and men who are above twenties to middle forties have been assessed with the use of electromyography. This equipment proved that this is the best abdominal exercise for the oblique muscles and rectus abdominus.
  • Captain’s Chair exercise is deemed to be the second top abdominal exercise with the use of power tower equipment or knee raise station. This abdominal exercise requires the use of this gym apparatus for better support since it is built with fore-arm rest as well as backrest. It is simply done by grasping the handles of the equipment, raising the knees up to chest level then remain in that position for 8 seconds with a repetition of 10 times.
  • Vertical Leg Crunch is a very magnificent abdominal exercise targeting other muscles such as internal obliques and external obliques. This workout may be done by just lying on your back with both hands behind your head. Then legs should be straighten up in the air while gently lifting your shoulders, head and upper back from the floor. It should be an average of 3 inches then after resting in that position, return to beginning point.
  • Long arm crunch is another great abdominal exercise for oblique muscle strengthening. The proper way of performing this abdominal exercise is by starting in supine position with arms over the head and bended knees. Then curl up while arms are fully extended and repeat this abdominal exercise for 12 times.
  • Crunch on an exercise ball is performed using an exercise ball to aid in enhancing core strength and balance. This abdominal exercise compels the participant to keep in the position while performing the workout. First is to lie on the exercise ball and place the ball in the center of the upper back and buttocks. The feet should lie flat on the floor with both hands behind the head then lift the torso slightly not greater than 45 degrees.
  • Reverse Crunch Abdominal exercise aims for the lower abs. Set off in supine position with hands resting beside the body then raise the knees until the thighs are in 90 degrees position. Place a little pressure in the target muscles by contracting the legs.

The easiest way to achieve six-pack abs is to regularly perform the above mentioned abdominal exercises along with a balanced diet and consumption of supplements.

Isometric Exercise

A type of resistance workout wherein an individual employs muscles to application of force towards a non-movable object is called isometric exercise. Isometric exercise consists of muscle contraction without altering its length. Isometric exercise is not designed for all people especially those who have hypertension. There is a need for doctor’s recommendation prior to attempting to perform an isometric exercise. Isometric exercise is conducted in a fixed position and not with different range of motion.

Derived from the “iso” and “metric” meaning same distance, isometric exercise is illustrated as a workout without change of muscle length. The predecessor of bodybuilding, isometric exercise traces back from the approaches of Chinese martial arts as well as yoga. The introduction of isometric exercise has been brought about by Russian professional wrestler Iron Samson whose true name is Alexander Zass. His incredible strength permitted him to effortlessly smash his chains to escape from Austrian army. Yankee baseball player and holder of MVP titles Mickey Mantle and Martial artist Bruce lee practiced isometric exercises in the 60’s in order to be in shape and obtain immense power. This type of workout is being blended to bodybuilding regimen as part of preparation of some bodybuilders. The popularity of isometric exercises have faded during the olden times because it has been linked to anabolic steroids which has detrimental outcomes to the body such as acne, alteration in cholesterol level, damage to the heart and liver impairment.

Tips for performing isometric exercises include nose breathing and concentration of the mind. To maximize the effort being exerted on isometric exercise; a participant should be inhaling air through the nose not in the mouth since the latter manifest a person in fright mode and not in focused manner.

There are list of isometric exercises designed for the upper and lower bodies. Isometric exercises for the upper body are:

  • Chest press may be employed without a sweat by simply gripping the hands together at the same time pushing them for half a minute. Put your concentration on your pectoral muscles while exerting hard on the palms. Afterwards relax for half a minute then repeat twice.
  • Plank is another isometric exercise for the abdominal muscles and back conditioning. The participant will be lying face down and holding oneself with forearms and toes while maintaining the abdominal muscles tight and back flat.
  • Shoulder raise may be performed by merely standing up with bent knees and shoulder apart. Then raise the arm up to shoulder length while holding a dumbbell.  Pause in that position for half a minute.

Isometric Exercises for the lower body include:

  • Phantom Chair is a type of isometric exercise for senior targets the buttocks, thighs and hips. Start by bending the knees and lowering the body up to the point in which your thigh is aligned to the floor while your back is against the wall.  Then raise the arms while one’s calves is aligned to the wall. This isometric exercise is to be confined for 30 minutes.
  • Plank is another isometric exercise for the abdominal muscles and back conditioning.

Isometric exercise has not been widely used for the reason of its linkage with anabolic steroids during the previous years yet it regained popularity and continuously been mixed with heavyweight lifting as muscle strengthening regimen.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are definitely fitting for people who desire to give the impression of being slim and toned. Cardio exercises bestow psychological benefits to workout enthusiasts. Sedentary jobs cause people to experience back pain, stiff muscles and headache due to being fixed for 8 hours at a computer monitor. A strong need for cardio exercises benefits people with this type of occupation so as to minimize muscle tension, provide temporary relief from trepidation and apprehension and get a pleasant slumber. The chief goal of cardio exercise aficionados is weight loss but this type of workout offers more than that. Cardio exercise grants people with leaner bodies, stronger lungs, potent blood-pumping organ and increased energy. Cardio exercise buffs radiate more confidence on their appearance and feel happier and energetic.

There are various types of cardio exercises depending on an individual’s workout plan and goals. The category of cardio exercises comprise of outdoor, indoor or with combination of exercise equipment. It may also be high or low impact cardio exercise depending on the health condition of the individual. Based on the latest research of Brunel University’s Music Head in Sport Research section, Dr. Costas Karageorghis stated that listening to music enables people to make cardio exercise more exciting and lively. This research has been testified to be accurate by 36 year old, world-renowned marathon athlete and holder of Olympic title Haile Gebrselassie. Music is a powerful stimulant and mood regulator enabling people to have positive feelings while doing cardio exercises.

The following cardio exercises are proven to trim down unwanted calories in less than an hour.

  • Bicycling is a great outdoor cardio exercise enhancing the proper circulation of blood and leg strengthening. It may be used with stationary bike or recumbent bikes.
  • Swimming is a remarkable cardio exercise for the entire body to be in great shape. It may burn an average of 300 calories in 30 minutes.
  • Step Aerobics has been a smash hit during the 70’s and has been endorsed by fitness specialist Richard Simmons and former fashion model Jane Fonda. This cardio exercise aims at slimming the hips, legs and butt and cuts down more than 350 calories with high impact workout. Common movements comprise T-step, repeater knee, L-step, corner knee, over-the-top, I-step, lunges, v-step, straddle down and split step. Dumbbells and high-steps are equipments for this type of cardio exercise.
  • Running is the apposite cardio exercise for the lungs and heart which enhances stamina, increases metabolic rate, develops muscle mass and gives a elated feeling called ‘runner’s high”.
  • Rock climbing helps cultivate balance, mental and physical concentration, muscle strength, coordination and flexibility. This cardio exercise and sport is great for people of all ages.
  • Rowing is an excellent rhythmic cardio exercise for relieving stress, upper and lower body workout, burning calories and designed for joint movement.
  • Walking enhances cognitive function and lessens the risks of breast cancer in women. This outdoor cardio exercise provides a dose of vitamin D, improved circulation and reduces depression.

Emotional Health

Good emotional health can be maintained by keeping ourselves emotionally balanced. Life has its ups and downs and coping with these are never easy. Losing a loved one, breaking up and going through some failure are just some examples, which affect one’s emotional health. However, sometimes, even a positive event, like moving house, or getting married, can be extremely stressful.

Keeping our emotional health at it optimal can be achieved by making effort to look after ourselves through developing strong emotional skills and living in a supportive family.

The emotional health of a person is fairly analogous to one’s physical wellness as well. The betterment of an individual’s emotional health is influenced by internal and external factors comprising of stress management, appreciation of one’s talents and awareness of feelings. Achievement of one’s emotional health would largely play a part in a happy and successful life. The level of tolerance and patience of a person measures resiliency which greatly affects our emotional health as well.

Learning to relax, taking things easy conscientiously is an important step to the advancement of your emotional health. Do not be easily affected by gossips or worry non- stop about the future. Take charge by thinking and focusing on the positive and planning ahead. When you found yourself being stressed, you can try the following steps to relief tension. Try to seek a comfortable place and park yourself. Remove the tension by closing your eyes and loosen up your muscles starting from the bottom all the way up to the legs, abdomen, shoulders and head. Take deep breaths and utter your prayer or imagine positive outcome. This easy and effortless manner is a good way to improve one’s emotional health.

Another productive way to experience tranquility and enhance the good emotional health is to do repetitive exercises. You can play your favorite music or songs while jogging or walking briskly. Exercising regularly calms down the frame of mind from worries and anger. This minimizes emotional and mental pressures that strongly impinge the emotional health from deteriorating. Moreover, it promotes proper blood circulation in the brain and all parts of the body giving a well-defined emotional health.

Music has also been used widely to relax people in spas and lounges. Using music therapy by listening to soothing songs or music helps to calm your nerves and balance your emotions, thereby achieving overall better emotional health.

Another sure-fire technique to enhance your emotional health is to avoid information overload. Hear your intuition and your heart and assess what your mind can handle. Seizing too much superfluous information will only create too much clamor in your head and will combine with your current fears and distress. The best advice is to give yourself perimeters in terms of information intake and grab only what you ponder as indispensable.

Appreciation of one’s talents is another way to boost our emotional health. Do not be troubled and be clouded by anxieties and feel miserable. Some people feel this way as a result of constantly comparing ourselves to others’ achievements. Bear in mind that some people are born greater and some are born lesser than you. Comparing ourselves with others is not the right way to measure personal success and will only downgrade our emotional health.

To maintain strong emotional health, it is important to have strong network of reliable friends or valuable support of our families. Knowing that they are always there for us no matter what happen, give us immeasurable boost of strength and ability to tide through any bad times. Their ready support balances our emotional see- saws in our lives.

In conclusion, there are many ways to boost our emotional health by availing external therapies such as exercising, music and having support from friends and family, as well internal therapies such as acceptance of weaknesses and appreciation of personal endowment.

Anaerobic Exercise

Brief and high-intensity workout called anaerobic exercise is required by people who yearn to have muscular and well-defined bodies. Anaerobic exercise is performed without oxygen. This kind of workout is being employed by athletes especially bodybuilders. Charles Atlas, Nikki Fuller, Rich Gaspari and Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the popular bodybuilders who have engaged in anaerobic exercise to build stronger muscles and augment physical power and strength. Anaerobic exercise is considered hardcore training given that a short duration of time will be needed in order to develop muscle mass and reduce weight. Physical fitness experts advise that anaerobic exercise is not allowed to be performed for lengthy periods so as to avoid the possibility of muscle injury.

Anaerobic exercise has numerous benefits to individuals including increased metabolism. Anaerobic exercises such as weight lifting and weight training burn calories at a faster rate thus muscles are formed and more energy is generated helping the body avoid negative outcome such as constipation and indigestion. Heightened metabolism facilitates greater energy and vigor among exercise enthusiasts. Aside from that, anaerobic exercise fortifies the bones enabling the person to perform different sorts of exercises. Another benefit of anaerobic exercise is that it forms muscles to serve as joint protection. Anaerobic exercise is a good defense against the risk of osteoporosis thus posing as a shield against injuries and fracture.

Anaerobic exercise augments energy levels and at the same time it escalates sports performance. Muscular power enhancement relies to the steadiness of tempo and power for particular skills and sports. Volleyball players require great muscular strength in order to release a good spike or and wrestlers to perform Fireman’s carry takeover and Full nelson slam. Body builders also excel in their field by displaying great strength in Olympic lifts variations such as snatch and power clean.

Anaerobic exercises also decreases sugar levels particularly glycogen. People who are always on the go burns this sugar as fuel while those who are deskbound and not energetic have converted sugar into fats. Anaerobic exercise is highly essential in sugar level maintenance. The overall impact of anaerobic exercise produces youthful and impressive looking individuals.

The categories of anaerobic exercise include strength training and calisthenics which comprises of the following:

  • Sprinting is running at maximum speed and considered a great stress killer that targets the hamstrings. This anaerobic exercise is suggested to be practiced 2 times weekly with an interval of 2 to 3 days. This anaerobic exercise boosts growth hormones which facilitates in improving the immune system, encouraging weight loss, powers up the heart and bones and augmenting stamina.
  • Weight lifting is another anaerobic exercise which reshapes floppy arms and flabby butts. It is considered a good body shaper and posture builder.
  • Biking increases the production of endorphins which helps elevate positive mood as well as enhances flexibility of muscles in the lower body parts.
  • Push-ups is designed to target the chest, shoulders, glutes, calf, hamstrings, triceps, feet, heart, forearms, biceps and upper back.

Anaerobic exercise is a superb total body workout just like cardio exercise. A combination of the anaerobic exercises may be employed with the use of equipments such as treadmill, weights and exercise bicycle to avoid boredom.

Men’s Health

Men’s health is substantially influenced by the transition of puberty going towards old age. It is a fact that physically the body strength of men is by a long way superior than women in spite of this men’s health is substandard to women’s health for the justification that women have a higher life expectancy than men. Men’s health is defined by internal factors comprising of the testosterone levels, brain, the pituitary and the external factors such as stress and environment.

Men’s health is strongly characterized by the stage of puberty. Puberty is among the most exciting phase in men’s health. The commencement of puberty is between 10 and 14 and men’s health is tremendously changing due to enormous levels of chemicals generated by the body. Emotional and physical modifications greatly affect men’s health. Some apparent and common alterations that are evident are broad chest, developing muscles, deeper voice and chest hair. Part of these bodily changes is the formation of skin acne usually occurring on the back, arms, chest and face. Mood swings and unexpected erection transpire during puberty stage.

Men’s health is generally at risk most especially when it is intertwined with peer pressure. Smoking is one of the health concerns of parents to their boys when they reach the age of 13. Based on the research utilized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men’s health is pushed to the limit because of the negative impact of peer pressure leading to smoking cigarettes, intake of alcoholic beverage, drug abuse and unprotected sex. According to CDC, boys commonly began smoking at an early age of 13 and to top that, more than 70 percent of the boys between 14 and 17 started drinking alcoholic beverages. Bucket-load of alcohol is harmful to young men’s health causing damaged liver, irregular heartbeat, seizure and even death. According to Professor Susan Tapert of University of California, white matter located in the brain may cause major impairment due to binge drinking. The high price of peer pressure cost a lot of trouble to men’s health. According to the 2009 study of Canadian researchers headed by Rebecca Maertens, smoking marijuana is more dangerous than smoking tobacco due to its DNA and cell toxicity.

Men’s health is faced with a much bigger dilemma at the period of adulthood. The level of testosterone remains to be the chief culprit behind this sexual issue. The male hormone is highly responsible for the negative outcome in men’s health. Based on the survey of National Institutes of Health (NIH), an estimated count of more than 20 million men experienced impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). Aside from low level of male hormones, ED is caused by depression, premature ejaculation (PE), venous leak, Peyronie’s disease, alcoholism, hormonal irregularities, diabetes and nerve injuries.

Midlife crisis is another massive transition shaping men’s health. This stage is characterized when men get depressed whenever they are unable to prove something to make them feel successful and contented. Men’s health is strongly affected whenever they are unable to overcome feelings of exhaustion, irritability, self-questioning, unexpected fury, daydreaming, lowered sexual appetite and sexual relations with much younger partner.

Hair loss is most commonly seen as the sign of old age ostensibly affecting men’s health. As the levels of male hormones fall down, men’s health is altered by memory loss, weakening of strength, osteoporosis and even prostate cancer.

In conclusion, men’s health may be affected by internal and external changes surrounding him, however one should keep in mind that nobody is spared from health issues. Embrace life- Take time and relax, grab every opportunity that comes and overcome all issues with determination.


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