A left-brain, right-brain quiz with 26 questions

In this brain quiz you will be asked several questions in order to determine if you are more right-brain dominant or left-brain dominant. Try to answer the questions in this brain quiz as honestly as you can.

Strongly disagree=0 disagree=1 agree=2 strongly agree=3

1. I like to study in a quiet room ________

2. I prefer to receive written instructions rather than verbal instructions ________

3. I am good at understanding the meaning of symbols _______

4. I don’t like to do things in sequence ________

5. I prefer to read non-fiction _________

6. I like to write stories about far-away places _________

7. People tell me I explain things very well so they can understand them _________

8. I’d rather be a poet than a math teacher ________

9. Hypnotism is silly. ________

10. On a clear night I love to lie on my back, stare at the stars and wonder “what might have been?” _______

11. My office is tidy ________

12. I often can’t find where I put my keys _________

13. I like to be precise in what I say ________

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14. People often say to me, “A penny for your thoughts.” _________

15. I prefer to act on reason rather than on emotion _________

16. I don’t know how I do it, but I’m always getting lost _________

17. If you want to ask me something-don’t be vague. ________

18. I cry easily, but I laugh easily too ________

19. I love to make New Year’s resolutions and stick to them _________

20. People like to sit next to me at the dinner table because I make them laugh _________

21. I love to get all the details straight when I’m listening and when I’m talking __________

22. I prefer art classes to science classes __________

23. I would rather watch an action movie than some mystery movie ________

24. I don’t easily trust others; I usually think they have an ulterior motive _________

25. I prefer to work alone rather than have others disturb my thought process _________

26. There’s always another way to do something; a way that hasn’t been thought up yet. _________

Now add up all the points for the even numbered questions in this brain quiz. This will be your right-brain score. Add up all the points for the uneven numbered questions in this brain quiz and this will be your left-brain score.

Now set up the two final scores as a ratio. The greater the difference between the two scores in this brain quiz, the greater the one side is dominant over the other. The closer the two scores are, the more balanced you are. Realizing your dominant half through a brain quiz like this one is the first step to recognizing how to become more balanced in your thinking.

Memory Boosters

memory boosters

The most frustrating part of life is when you start to say something and forget the words; or you go to another part of the house and have to stand there for several minutes before you remember what you intended to do. This has happened to all of us. It seems to happen more often the older you get. If you are wise with your food selections, you can eliminate most of these problems with memory boosters. The foods you eat can help your memory.

When someone tells you that just eating better will help your memory, it sounds so easy. It can be easy if you are familiar with foods that are memory boosters. There are a number of foods to choose from, so you can eat the foods you like and still improve your memory.

Your brain needs choline and DMAE to build cetylcholine, pyroglutamate, phosphatidylserine, and omega-3 fats, acetl-L-carnitine and glutamine, ginkgo, and other vitamins and minerals that we will talk about. Don’t let the words scare you away from reading this article. In order to provide your brain with memory boosters, we will explain what you can do.

The substances mentioned above are contained in your brain but need to be replenished for the brain to function normally. If you are lacking in any of these memory boosters, your brain will start letting you down. These substances are found in everyday food. When you become familiar with food labels, in your grocery store and health food store, it will be easy for you to select foods that not only taste great, but feed your brain.

Choline has the chemical called acetylcholine and is the main building block for your memory. If you are lacking this chemical, you will have noticeable memory loss. Let’s call “acetylcholine” the main memory booster. This is your main building block for a good memory. Fish are a great source of acetylcholine along with eggs, liver, soy beans, peanuts, and all the other nuts you like.

A few years ago, someone, who will remain nameless, told the public that eggs were not good for us. When the public heard this, many of us refrained from eating eggs and millions started having memory loss. I am sure most of us did not make the connection to eggs. By putting eggs back in the diet, we are adding back one of the most important memory boosters. Eating eggs is important, but your need to include other Vitamins such as Vitamin B5, (pantothenic acid), B1, B12 and C. A combination of eggs, along with these vitamins, will build acetylcholine that the body needs.

Researchers have gone on to find that supplementing choline during pregnancy can improve brain development in infants. Higher doses were shown to boost memory in adults by building nerve cells and receptor sites for neurotransmitters and raising levels of dopamine.

Further research with choline taken from soy lecithin has found it improves athletic abilities, may improve the human growth hormone, and may slow aging. Very few side effects were reported during the testing of these memory boosters.

Use A Piece Of Card When Applying Mascara

eye shadow

People say that eyes are windows to your soul. Indeed eyes speak volumes, and hence eyes make up are viewed as one of the most important. However, eye make-up is not complete if you neglect your eye lashes. Curl your lashes and use mascara to open up your eyes and add “soul” to them. By enhancing your lashes, attention will be drawn towards your eyes.

A make up tip is to use a piece of paper or card and place it on your eyelid area when applying mascara. This prevents the mascara from smudging onto your eyelids. Be sure to use smudge proof mascara for best results.

Match Eye Shadows To Your Outfit And Eyes Shape

eye shadow

Depending on how adventurous you are, you can try experimenting with different colours of eye shadows. The shape and size of your eyes will also determine which colours are more suitable for you. If you have small and droopy eyes, it is not advisable to choose black or go for smokey looks as
it may make eyes look even smaller.

One of the make-up tips, is to use shimmering shades like silver or white on the double eyelids to help to open the eyes and make them look bigger. Dabbing a little white colour near the tear duct and blending them will create light and make eyes look more alive too. Line the upper lids to complete the eye make-up.

Use eye make-up base if you want your eye shadows to last longer, example when you have a date or need to attend a party at night after work. Just touch up or re- apply slightly darker shades before heading for your date or the party.

Paint Your Lips

applying lipstick
Red lipsticks not only make your teeth appear whiter, they also tend to brighten up a face. Neutral or pink shades soften the face. Dark purple makes one look vampish while orking executives usually opt for brownish or earthly tones for a more professional image. Young girls use gloss for a natural, dewy effect. Different colours give the wearer a different mood, so choose your lipsticks colour to determine the image you want to project.

A make up tip is to treat the lips as a piece of canvass. You do not have to just slap one colour on the lips. Instead, you can add depth by using a brush and applying lighter colour in the centre of the lips while lining the lips with slightly darker colour. Blend it afterwards to soften and smoothen out the contrast. This is just like painting an art piece, adding light and creating the illusion of dimension on the lips.

If you are having smokey looks for your eyes, it is best to use nude lip colour so that it does not draw attention away from your eyes, which are supposed to be the focus of attention.

Aphrodisiac Foods

aphrodisiac The word “Aphrodisiac” is derived from the Greek mythology and named after the Aphrodite Goddess of love. Aphrodisiac exists in many forms and has been used to increase attractiveness and stimulate sexual desire throughout the ages.





The following are food that help and increase sexual desires:

  1. Oysters
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    The oysters have a high content of zinc, which is vital for sperm production. According to a study conducted on male mice, raw oysters increase testosterone levels and male libido.

  3. Viagra
  4. Before Viagra were launched, treatment of erectile dysfunction through drugs reaped little success. In 1996, Viagra was patented, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to become the first oral treatment for use in erectile dysfunction in 1998.

    When a man is sexually simulated, Viagra helps to increase blood flow to the penis and cause an erection. Hence it is often viewed as a Aphrodisiac  and bagged nicknames such as "Vitamin V" and "the amazing Blue Pill".

  5. Alcohol
  6. Alcohol makes one feel relaxed and in high spirits. It also reduces sexual inhibitions a person may ordinarily have and gets you in the mood for intimacy. As alcohol affect blood flow after one’s consumption, impact testosterone levels, and thus libido.

  7. Horny Goat Weed
  8. Epimedium or better known as Horny goat weed has been used by the Chinese, for many centuries as an aphrodisiac. The name was given after a goat herder noticed that his goats were going on a sexual rampage after eating these weeds. Goat weed contains flavonoids, sterols and magnaflorine that may influence sexual biochemistry. It is thought that the biochemical reactions play a role in arousal and emotional response. Magnaflorine increases relaxation of muscles and increases blood circulation to the penis and clitoris.

  9. Dark Chocolate
  10. Chocolate is known to be a Happy Food and is often used as a courtship gift during Valentine’s Day.

    Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which is an amino-acid to have aphrodisiacal effects. Phenylethylamine is a substance released in the human body when one is in love. Other stimulants which are also present in chocolates are dopamine and serotonin. These stimulants alleviate pain and elevate one’s mood.

Omega 3, 6 and 9

omega There are three different types of Omega fatty acids namely- Omega 3, 6 and 9. Each of these numbers designates a chemical structure, with each ascending number as the longer chain that needs to be broken down by the body. Each Omega fatty acid has its own unique functions and properties which will enhance different aspect of health for our bodies.

Omega-3 (Alpha Linolenic Acid)
Omega-3 fatty acids are the most vital of the three, for our health.

The most important 2 fatty acids in Omega 3 are EPA and DHA. These are limited in supply and can be found mainly in oily fish and fish oil supplements. DHA is important for healthy development of the brain, whereas EPA is necessary for the efficient functioning of the brain and body at a cellular level.

The Omega 3 possesses anti-inflammatory properties and provides protection against cardiovascular disease, depression, arthritis and some skin conditions.

They can be consumed in foods such as salmon, sardine, mackerel, anchovies, walnuts and green leafy vegetables. It is best we include these foods in our daily diet. They can more be readily obtained through high-quality omega-3 supplements.

It is especially recommended to pregnant mothers and growing children because of its beneficial properties.

Omega-6 (Linoleic Acid)
In the omega-6 family that main role is played by the fatty acid called Linoleic acid. Omega-6 can be found abundantly in most of our vegetable cooking oils like soybean oil, canola oil and corn oil (exception of olive oil) and many of the foods we consume like cereals, whole grain bread and margarine. Hence, most of us have a heavily imbalanced ratio of omega-6 to 3.

Omega 6 relieves bloating and pain associated with Pre Menstrual Syndrome.  It also promotes healthy skin, hair and nails and helps to bring about emotional and hormonal balance.

Omega-9 (Oleic Acid)
Omega-9 is the richest fatty acids. Omega 9 oils are monounsaturated, which are unlike Omega 3 and 6 as they are polyunsaturated. Omega- 9 is found in animal fats, avocado, pistachio nuts and most notably olive oil.

Omega 9 has many qualities and its key component, Oleic acid, helps to lower the risk of stroke, arteriosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease. Omega 9 oils also help to improve and provide a healthy immune system.

Pure EPA contains a wonderful blend of all the 3 important fatty acids- EPA, GLA and OA, making it the most excellent choice of omega 3, 6, 9 supplements.

Key Components Of OMEGA 3, 6, 9

Omega 3 Omega 6 Omega 9
Alpha-linolenic acid ALA Linolenic acid LA Oleic acid OA
Eicosapentaenoic acid EPA Gamma-linolenic acid GLA Mead acid
Docosahexaenoic acid DHA Dihomogamma linolenic acid DLA Erucic acid
Arachidonic acid AA
Found mostly in fish oils such as salmon and sardine and also green vegetables like broccoli and  spinach Soybean oil, corn oil, cereals, whole grain bread and margarine Animal fats, avocado, pistachio nuts and most notably olive oil

Emotional Health

emotionalhealth Good emotional health can be maintained by keeping ourselves emotionally balanced. Life has its ups and downs and coping with these are never easy. Losing a loved one, breaking up and going through some failure are just some examples, which affect one’s emotional health. However, sometimes, even a positive event, like moving house, or getting married, can be extremely stressful.

Keeping our emotional health at it optimal can be achieved by making effort to look after ourselves through developing strong emotional skills and living in a supportive family.

The emotional health of a person is fairly analogous to one’s physical wellness as well. The betterment of an individual’s emotional health is influenced by internal and external factors comprising of stress management, appreciation of one’s talents and awareness of feelings. Achievement of one’s emotional health would largely play a part in a happy and successful life. The level of tolerance and patience of a person measures resiliency which greatly affects our emotional health as well.

Learning to relax, taking things easy conscientiously is an important step to the advancement of your emotional health. Do not be easily affected by gossips or worry non- stop about the future. Take charge by thinking and focusing on the positive and planning ahead.  When you found yourself being stressed, you can try the following steps to relief tension. Try to seek a comfortable place and park yourself. Remove the tension by closing your eyes and loosen up your muscles starting from the bottom all the way up to the legs, abdomen, shoulders and head. Take deep breaths and utter your prayer or imagine positive outcome. This easy and effortless manner is a good way to improve one’s emotional health.

Another productive way to experience tranquility and enhance the good emotional health is to do repetitive exercises. You can play your favorite music or songs while jogging or walking briskly. Exercising regularly calms down the frame of mind from worries and anger. This minimizes emotional and mental pressures that strongly impinge the emotional health from deteriorating. Moreover, it promotes proper blood circulation in the brain and all parts of the body giving a well-defined emotional health.

Music has also been used widely to relax people in spas and lounges. Using music therapy by listening to soothing songs or music helps to calm your nerves and balance your emotions, thereby achieving overall better emotional health.

Another sure-fire technique to enhance your emotional health is to avoid information overload. Hear your intuition and your heart and assess what your mind can handle. Seizing too much superfluous information will only create too much clamor in your head and will combine with your current fears and distress. The best advice is to give yourself perimeters in terms of information intake and grab only what you ponder as indispensable.

Appreciation of one’s talents is another way to boost our emotional health.  Do not be troubled and be clouded by anxieties and feel miserable. Some people feel this way as a result of constantly comparing ourselves to others’ achievements. Bear in mind that some people are born greater and some are born lesser than you. Comparing ourselves with others is not the right way to measure personal success and will only downgrade our emotional health.

To maintain strong emotional health, it is important to have strong network of reliable friends or valuable support of our families. Knowing that they are always there for us no matter what happen, give us immeasurable boost of strength and ability to tide through any bad times. Their ready support balances our emotional see- saws in our lives.

In conclusion, there are many ways to boost our emotional health by availing external therapies such as exercising, music and having support from friends and family, as well internal therapies such as acceptance of weaknesses and appreciation of personal endowment.


iqeq IQ vs EQ otherwise termed as intelligence quotient versus emotional quotient, this contradiction has undergone an ongoing dispute. The IQ vs EQ concept has greatly puzzled many people concerning what is really significant. German psychologist William Stern invented the word IQ in the year 1912 and presently IQ grades are linked with heredity and morbidity. IQ scores are considered indicators of academic performance or special needs. There have been known research concerning IQ vs EQ. IQ is observable to be evident to a certain populations and those with low grades in IQ tests are common among those who experience major depression. The IQ vs EQ concept is best described wherein the former is widely utilized by companies in testing the performance ratio of applicants. The American Psychological Association has concluded that IQ vs EQ concept is equally important in searching for the qualified employee.

IQ vs EQ is both illustrated by the use of mental capabilities however the latter is intertwined with emotions. IQ vs EQ issue may be taken lightly however give consideration on the fact that emotional quotient possess social abilities such as leadership, stress management, artistry, compassion, toughness and uniqueness. Intelligence quotient on the other hand does not possess the abovementioned qualities but mental faculty is measured in the capability to comprehend easily with new conditions, knowledge application in new subject matter and logic.

IQ vs EQ concept is highly differentiated by means of its performers. Those who perform well in intelligence quotient exams are competent for having great skills in memory, mathematical, language and spatial. Research shows that those with IQ scores of 140 and above are qualified for research scientist or professor while those getting 130 scores can be great surgeons and lawyers. With 120 scores, people may be included in the occupational group of accountants, managers, nurses and school teachers.  People obtaining 100 and below scores usually have jobs like cooks, miners, farmers, drivers, carpenters, gardeners and laborers.

The IQ vs EQ is considerably essential in career success. Research revealed that intelligence quotient is essential however a higher emotional intelligence is deemed better. Persons with high IQ are excellent employees since they are fast learners and can work with minimum supervision. These individuals can easily solve operational issues and can exceedingly understand mathematical equations as well as formulate theories that require intelligence and judgment. High IQ individuals usually are good in working alone while those who have high EQ may work alone or with teams. Those with excellent EQ have traits such as self-control, honesty and adaptability. The following attributes of innovation and conscientiousness are part of emotional intelligence. People with high emotional intelligence are able to control their moods and able to interact well with others. These people have more edge over those with high IQ since both they possess both cognitive skills and emotional maturity.

The IQ vs EQ concept has enable people to understand its significance to career achievement. People with EQ utilize their mental faculty plus emotions to function greatly in team situations while those with high IQ depends their success only on logic and reasoning skills.

Anti Aging Drinks

antiagingtea Tea

What are some anti aging drinks?

Of course, we can always use acai or blue berries, barley or soya milk as those listed in Top 10 Anti aging foods and make them into juices. Alternatively, we can also consider the recommended drinks below.

Green tea is definitely considered as one of the anti aging drinks. The healthful properties of green tea are hugely attributed to polyphenols, chemicals with potent antioxidant properties. Green tea has anti oxidants and anti inflammatory properties that will help get rid of free radicals. Green tea also reduces the risk of damages from ultraviolet rays, hence decreasing your risk of skin cancer.

Green tea has more catechins than black tea. The catechin in green tea is known as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG.  One cup of this tea contains 20 to 35 mg of EGCG.   EGCG exceeds the potency of Vitamin C by 100 times and 25 times more potent than vitamin E.   The antioxidant agents slow the signs of aging externally and provide beneficial nutrients for overall health when taken orally.  It also calms our nerves due to the amino acid L-Theanine found in green tea. Green tea also promotes digestion and improves mental processes.

Red Wine or Dark Grape Juice

Red wine is reputed to be good for our heart. But besides this very quality, red wine can also fight the effects of aging and is one of an extremely good source of anti aging drinks.

The reason is simple- Red wine is high in a type of polyphenol known as flavonoids which are antioxidants. One of the most studied anti oxidants is resveratrol, which comes from grape skins and seeds. Antioxidants help to stop free radicals from damaging our cells. Resveratrol helps prevent cancer and inhibiting tumor growth.

Tests conducted by doctors disclosed that the skin and seeds of grapes present a lot of benefits such as:

1) Maintain healthy blood pressure and beneficial cardiovascular health
2) Prevents blood clots
3) Protects the blood vessels
4) keeps good cholesterol
5) Fight Diabetes and prevents obesity
6) Prevents age marks

Along with many vital nutrients like Vitamin C and E, red wine and grape juice also contains other advantageous elements like calcium and phosphorus, which boost our immune system and overall well being.


Lastly, humans are made up of 65% water while a child may be hovering around 75%.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily in order to remain healthy. Water helps us eliminates the toxins from your body. Try not to rely on thirst alone. Drink often and choose from nutritious fluids like fruit and vegetable juices, soups, low fat milk and teas. A lack of water causes toxins and harmful chemicals accumulated in skin cells and also resulting in formation of wrinkles. So, don’t forget to drink your eight 8-ounce glasses of daily. It is an essential anti aging drink for all mankind.


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