Cellulite Treatments And Your Body

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Cellulite Treatment

Millions of women have tried to reduce cellulite from their hips and thighs without success. There are as many reasons for the ripples as there are cellulite treatments that will not remove it. Thousands of dollars have been spent on cellulite treatments from cold jelly slathered on the legs and hips to lasers and ultrasound waves.

Cellulite is a cottage cheese looking substance just under the skin of the thighs, stomach, and buttocks, or upper arms. Fat that can be removed with liposuction as a cellulite treatment deeper than the fat you see on the surface. Many times, liposuction sucks out the deep fat, not the fat just under the surface. Cellulite is nothing other than fat pushing against tissue beneath the skin. It then makes the surface ripple and looks lumpy. Your age and thickness of skin will determine the amount of cellulite you have.

Go to the internet and you will find as many reasons for cellulite treatments as there are web sites, and as many different ways to treat it. The reasons for millions of women having cellulite treatments have been said to be for metabolic waste; poor circulation; no lymphatic drainage; the result of wearing tight clothing; wearing high heels; loose fat, and heredity. Dermatologists agree that cellulite is genetic. Many times, if your parents experienced cellulite, you will also. It is something most of us inherit.

Cellulite has been explained as a thickness of the inner layer of skin and the connective tissue under it that holds the fat cells. Men are more likely to have cross-hatch patterns that hold in the fat cells. Women have columns holding the fat cells. The fat cells find it easier to bulge through columns.

The only way to rid your body of cellulite is to undergo new cellulite treatments like liposuction that dissolves the fat. Some have been successful in reducing cellulite after plastic wraps, but the cellulite returned when the legs and hips became re-hydrated.

The FDA recently approved a substance called VelaSmooth cellulite treatments that appears to reduce cellulite in the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms. Velasmooth cellulite treatments have combined a Bi-Polar Frequency, Infrared Light, tissue mobilization for a fat burning, non-surgical treatment. Velasmooth cellulite treatments have reported results after eight to 12 sessions over a month to six weeks. The positive results will only last up to six months when used along with a careful diet and exercise. Velasmooth cellulite treatments must be maintained to have continued cellulite reduction results. Velasmooth cellulite treatments are a medical device that claims to have created a new era in cellulite treatments. It is just becoming popular.

Most women have had some degree of success. Velasmooth cellulite treatments use radiofrequency waves, laser, mechanical massages that break up the fat forcing the water to leave the tissues and reduce the cellulite. Velasmooth cellulite treatments are considered a safe new treatment to reduce cellulite like no other treatments.


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