Coffee Facts

It is a coffee fact that millions of people from all over the world are pining for a cup of this hot beverage in the morning at home and in the office. Another interesting coffee fact to be amazed at is that Americans are the top coffee consumers although they are non-producers of this best-selling commodity. It is astonishing to know that daily there is an estimate of more than 350 million cups of this beverage being consumed in United States alone in spite of the coffee fact that a huge production of this caffeine-rich drink is derived from Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Colombia. The benefits of coffee is tremendously significant that is why another coffee fact to dwell upon is that it becomes one of the rising business services with more than 5 percent of growth rate yearly. Another coffee fact for fanatics is that this caffeinated drink was believed to be an Arabian wine in Europe and considered aphrodisiac in Turkey.

It is an observable coffee fact especially among aficionados that this beverage's delectable taste as well as the flavorful aroma increases its reputation among people. A great coffee fact and trivia to wonder about is that many countries have blended this caffeinated drink with different ingredients such as chocolate in Europe, spices in Arab countries and ice in Japan. Another magnificent coffee fact is its health benefits to drinkers.

The benefits of coffee are wide ranging which comprise of the following:

  • Antioxidant. Based on the study of the University of Scranton and verified by the American Chemical Society, being the leading antioxidant source is among the greatest benefits of coffee. Joe Vinson's research of the benefits of coffee as sponsored by the American Cocoa Research proved that 2 cups of decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee provides high level of antioxidants in the body which is an excellent defense against cancer and cardiovascular ailments.
  • Appetite Suppressant. Being a weight loss diet is part of the benefits of coffee. Weight conscious individuals this drink hot or cold beverage to free themselves from hunger pangs. Part of the coffee fact is that it may be used as meal replacement.
  • Analgesic enhancement. Caffeine is being added as ingredient to most medications such as Anacin, Midol, Vanquish, Vivarin and Cafergot to enable these drugs provide faster relief from pain. Benefits of coffee diminish the possibility of side effects due to prolonged drinking of pain relievers.
  • Fertilizer. According to Backwoods Home magazine, expert gardeners utilized used coffee grounds as part of compost pile. Garden enthusiasts identified a coffee fact that its substances comprising of carbohydrates, vitamins, sugar and minerals are beneficial to plants.
  • Risk reducer of Dementia. In Finland, the University of Kuopio and National Public Health Institute have claimed this year that one of the best benefits of coffee is its capability to trim down the risk of obtaining dementia.
  • Risk reducer of Colon cancer and gallstone disease. The Harvard School of Public Health has confirmed the healthy benefits of coffee for lessening the risk of gallbladder-removal surgery by consuming an average of 2 cups daily.

The benefits of coffee are plentiful and highly significant in a person's health.