Emotional Health

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Good emotional health can be maintained by keeping ourselves emotionally balanced. Life has its ups and downs and coping with these are never easy. Losing a loved one, breaking up and going through some failure are just some examples, which affect one’s emotional health. However, sometimes, even a positive event, like moving house, or getting married, can be extremely stressful.

Keeping our emotional health at it optimal can be achieved by making effort to look after ourselves through developing strong emotional skills and living in a supportive family.

The emotional health of a person is fairly analogous to one’s physical wellness as well. The betterment of an individual’s emotional health is influenced by internal and external factors comprising of stress management, appreciation of one’s talents and awareness of feelings. Achievement of one’s emotional health would largely play a part in a happy and successful life. The level of tolerance and patience of a person measures resiliency which greatly affects our emotional health as well.

Learning to relax, taking things easy conscientiously is an important step to the advancement of your emotional health. Do not be easily affected by gossips or worry non- stop about the future. Take charge by thinking and focusing on the positive and planning ahead. When you found yourself being stressed, you can try the following steps to relief tension. Try to seek a comfortable place and park yourself. Remove the tension by closing your eyes and loosen up your muscles starting from the bottom all the way up to the legs, abdomen, shoulders and head. Take deep breaths and utter your prayer or imagine positive outcome. This easy and effortless manner is a good way to improve one’s emotional health.

Another productive way to experience tranquility and enhance the good emotional health is to do repetitive exercises. You can play your favorite music or songs while jogging or walking briskly. Exercising regularly calms down the frame of mind from worries and anger. This minimizes emotional and mental pressures that strongly impinge the emotional health from deteriorating. Moreover, it promotes proper blood circulation in the brain and all parts of the body giving a well-defined emotional health.

Music has also been used widely to relax people in spas and lounges. Using music therapy by listening to soothing songs or music helps to calm your nerves and balance your emotions, thereby achieving overall better emotional health.

Another sure-fire technique to enhance your emotional health is to avoid information overload. Hear your intuition and your heart and assess what your mind can handle. Seizing too much superfluous information will only create too much clamor in your head and will combine with your current fears and distress. The best advice is to give yourself perimeters in terms of information intake and grab only what you ponder as indispensable.

Appreciation of one’s talents is another way to boost our emotional health. Do not be troubled and be clouded by anxieties and feel miserable. Some people feel this way as a result of constantly comparing ourselves to others’ achievements. Bear in mind that some people are born greater and some are born lesser than you. Comparing ourselves with others is not the right way to measure personal success and will only downgrade our emotional health.

To maintain strong emotional health, it is important to have strong network of reliable friends or valuable support of our families. Knowing that they are always there for us no matter what happen, give us immeasurable boost of strength and ability to tide through any bad times. Their ready support balances our emotional see- saws in our lives.

In conclusion, there are many ways to boost our emotional health by availing external therapies such as exercising, music and having support from friends and family, as well internal therapies such as acceptance of weaknesses and appreciation of personal endowment.


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