Match Eye Shadows To Your Outfit And Eyes Shape

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eye shadow

Depending on how adventurous you are, you can try experimenting with different colours of eye shadows. The shape and size of your eyes will also determine which colours are more suitable for you. If you have small and droopy eyes, it is not advisable to choose black or go for smokey looks as
it may make eyes look even smaller.

One of the make-up tips, is to use shimmering shades like silver or white on the double eyelids to help to open the eyes and make them look bigger. Dabbing a little white colour near the tear duct and blending them will create light and make eyes look more alive too. Line the upper lids to complete the eye make-up.

Use eye make-up base if you want your eye shadows to last longer, example when you have a date or need to attend a party at night after work. Just touch up or re- apply slightly darker shades before heading for your date or the party.


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