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The latest health news covers the launching of H1N1 Vaccine trial. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) reported last September 9, 2009 that the H1N1 vaccine would be tested in expectant women. The director of NIAID Dr. Anthony Fauci has announced that it is best for pregnant women to receive the vaccination for the reason that compared to other individuals, their situation would be much delicate and complicated if they acquire an influenza virus infection. The experiment would be carried out in NIAID-funded national network of Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Units (VTEUs).

As part of the latest health news, medical centers which joined this trial are still working in completing the slots for vaccine trial. The requirement for volunteer pregnant women should be between 18 to 39 years old. The women should either be in their third or second trimester period of pregnancy. A huge company dedicated to vaccine research, Sanofi Pasteur is in-charge of providing either 15 or 30 microgram vaccine shots to volunteer pregnant women. Then afterwards the volunteers would still get another set of injections after 21 days from first vaccine shot. The participating medical clinics and hospitals are White Memorial Hospital and Clinic situated in Texas, Group Health Cooperative Center for Health Studies VTEU, Vanderbilt University VTEU, Duke University, Baylor College of Medicine VTEU and Saint Louis University VTEU. Those medical centers will be the first to obtain the latest health news once tests from safety monitoring committee and researchers are cleared.

The latest health news on H1N1 vaccine for hogs is that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is attempting to expedite the process by giving master seed viruses to vaccine developers. Although the swine flu or H1N1 has not yet infected the hogs in United States; the government would like to accelerate the development process as much as possible to avoid additional expenses if ever the barns are afflicted. The only affected hogs were those from Canada wherein the pigs experienced coughing and fever. Latest health news from Reuters published that assistant administrator Kenneth Petersen of U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety Division said that prices of the pigs would be reduced if they were found afflicted with virus. According to the latest health news of Roberta Rampton of Reuters, the USDA approved the slaughtering of hogs once they get well from the swine flu for the rationale that people do not acquire swine flu from eating meat products.

Latest health news from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has thoroughly been discussing about the vaccination for swine flu of children between 6 months to adults up to 24 years of age. The making of the vaccination for swine flu is not yet completed up to this moment however parents of the children are deeply worried and distressed concerning the matter. Majority of the parents were randomly questioned and most of them replied no to the vaccine. They are intensely nervous since the vaccine is not fully tested whether it may present complications to the kids. We will keep you updated with the latest health news regarding the development of swine flu vaccine.


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