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Healthy living information is highly accessible in printed publications and online articles. Health pundits, medical associations, government agencies and other non-profit medical organizations frequently post the latest updates on healthy living information on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. Individuals ought to be responsible for themselves and their families by incessantly checking on this healthy living information given that it is greatly beneficial for their overall welfare. Here at, we assure that every health article provides credibility.

Healthy living information is basically required by means of reading a wide assortment of surveys and scholarly journals. Among the topics of healthy living information asserted that stress has been causing a lot of diseases to people. The targeted group is often the employees wherein the major predicament would definitely be work related stress. Many factors including chemical and physical are causing stress.  According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of United Kingdom, statistics showed that more than 440,000 people during the entire year of 2007 have been experiencing anxiety and job-related stress. On the other hand, American Institute of Stress have presented that Workers’ compensation claims in the state of California have raised to more than 600 percent due to psychological stress for about 8 years. Furthermore, stress is the main cause of job turnover resulting to 40 percent.

An immeasurable number of people have accounted that job stress to be their major health concern. Work stress is actually being called “the 20th Century Disease” by the United Nations due to its prevalence in most countries. In line with this, stress management is deemed very significant healthy living information that people should know. One’s body would be vulnerable to certain diseases if one is not knowledgeable of stress management techniques.

The basic healthy living information that people should be aware of, is that stress has an impact to people regardless of ages and social standing. Here are some of the stress management techniques that are easy to follow.

Biofeedback therapy was established by researchers Neal Miller, Kimmel and David Shapiro as early as 1950’s. After 19 years, an organization was built named Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback to further advance the studies concerning its application to people. Biofeedback is used to treat conditions caused by stress particularly headaches, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, hot flashes, nausea, incontinence and low back pain. This therapy is considerably safe and otherwise termed as mind-body therapy. This powerful medical therapy allows a person to manage one’s body and thoughts with the aid of a biofeedback expert. It permits an individual to manage specific functions in the body particularly temperature of the skin, heart rate, blood pressure, brain and sweat gland activity. This therapy appears to be impressive and fascinating among many people however is certain to seek medical consultation before taking this kind of stress management technique. There may seem to have possible risk if biofeedback is taken while still under the prescription of insulin. People with serious psychological condition are not recommended to try biofeedback. Thoroughly understanding the benefits and risk of biofeedback is considered good healthy living information.


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