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iqeq IQ vs EQ otherwise termed as intelligence quotient versus emotional quotient, this contradiction has undergone an ongoing dispute. The IQ vs EQ concept has greatly puzzled many people concerning what is really significant. German psychologist William Stern invented the word IQ in the year 1912 and presently IQ grades are linked with heredity and morbidity. IQ scores are considered indicators of academic performance or special needs. There have been known research concerning IQ vs EQ. IQ is observable to be evident to a certain populations and those with low grades in IQ tests are common among those who experience major depression. The IQ vs EQ concept is best described wherein the former is widely utilized by companies in testing the performance ratio of applicants. The American Psychological Association has concluded that IQ vs EQ concept is equally important in searching for the qualified employee.

IQ vs EQ is both illustrated by the use of mental capabilities however the latter is intertwined with emotions. IQ vs EQ issue may be taken lightly however give consideration on the fact that emotional quotient possess social abilities such as leadership, stress management, artistry, compassion, toughness and uniqueness. Intelligence quotient on the other hand does not possess the abovementioned qualities but mental faculty is measured in the capability to comprehend easily with new conditions, knowledge application in new subject matter and logic.

IQ vs EQ concept is highly differentiated by means of its performers. Those who perform well in intelligence quotient exams are competent for having great skills in memory, mathematical, language and spatial. Research shows that those with IQ scores of 140 and above are qualified for research scientist or professor while those getting 130 scores can be great surgeons and lawyers. With 120 scores, people may be included in the occupational group of accountants, managers, nurses and school teachers.  People obtaining 100 and below scores usually have jobs like cooks, miners, farmers, drivers, carpenters, gardeners and laborers.

The IQ vs EQ is considerably essential in career success. Research revealed that intelligence quotient is essential however a higher emotional intelligence is deemed better. Persons with high IQ are excellent employees since they are fast learners and can work with minimum supervision. These individuals can easily solve operational issues and can exceedingly understand mathematical equations as well as formulate theories that require intelligence and judgment. High IQ individuals usually are good in working alone while those who have high EQ may work alone or with teams. Those with excellent EQ have traits such as self-control, honesty and adaptability. The following attributes of innovation and conscientiousness are part of emotional intelligence. People with high emotional intelligence are able to control their moods and able to interact well with others. These people have more edge over those with high IQ since both they possess both cognitive skills and emotional maturity.

The IQ vs EQ concept has enable people to understand its significance to career achievement. People with EQ utilize their mental faculty plus emotions to function greatly in team situations while those with high IQ depends their success only on logic and reasoning skills.


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