Laser Plastic Surgery

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lasersurgery The popularity of laser plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements particularly botox, fillers, liposuction and mesotherapy shoot up every year. Modern technology has made colossal progress in seeking better health and perfecting the aesthetics of people. Television programs such as The Swan, Dr. 90210, and Extreme Makeover and movies like Faceoff and Nottinghill have even amplified the reputation of laser plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures in showing what our latest technology could do to us, so confidence is uplifted.

Laser plastic surgery used for the hair removal is beneficial to an individual who desires to eradicate excessive hair on their face, legs, chin, and toes or even in their fingers due to influencing factors triggering the hair to grow extremely. This problem is caused by a male hormone so if a woman has a higher androgen level most likely she will have more hair compared to other women who have normal level of androgen. Laser plastic surgery offers the longest span of time for the unwanted hair to regrow, compared to plucking or hot waxing. Laser plastic surgery for hair removal is not for everybody though. One who wishes to have laser plastic surgery should always find out more information on the doctor and technician who will perform the laser plastic surgery procedure.

Laser plastic surgery is designed for beauty enhancement of those who wish to add a little or more to give an emphasis on their assets. Through laser plastic surgery, a procedure to have a breast lift will help take away the excessive skin that contributed to the breast to sag. A patient should take note of the risks if one would want to undergo the breast lift procedure through laser plastic surgery and these are skin loss, scarring from the treatment and infection that may lead to lose the sensitivity in breast or nipples. The procedure in laser plastic surgery for a breast lift usually takes two hours up to three hours and may be done with local anesthesia.

People who would want to look like a model or consider having a lip augmentation to obtain fuller lips just like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson or Eddie Redmayn can also opt for a laser plastic surgery procedure. There are types of technique in having the laser plastic surgery for lip augmentation and one of which is Collagen or the patient’s own fat that is going to be injected to them.

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is the answer for men and women who have unwanted stomach fat. Laser plastic surgery also includes this body procedure to help people ranging from different ages who would like to wear sexy clothes or even make themselves look healthier. In laser plastic surgery, the fat that is visible in a person as love handles could be removed and help the tummy tighten. Just like any other laser plastic procedures, it also has a risk involved that a patient should know before deciding to undergo the laser plastic surgery for tummy tuck. The risks include infection and fluid build-up. The healing period will range from 1 month or more and the fading and scarring caused by the laser plastic surgery will be 3 months or even up to two years.

Laser plastic surgery is beneficial in helping people solve issues relating to appearance and gaining their confidence back.


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