Left Brains Right Brains

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lrbrain American neurobiologist and Nobel Prize winner in Science Roger Wolcott Sperry performed an outstanding research concerning the lateralization of the left brain and right brain. The finding of the left brain and right brain functions helps individuals comprehend their unique abilities and mental aptitude. Understanding the dominance of the left brain and right brain enables people to further enhance and nurture them.

The dominance of left brain and right brain is not related to genetics. There are myths associated with left brain and right brain functions such as gender, intelligence and handedness. The functions of the left brain administer logic, speech, strategies, sequence, language and analysis distinguishing letters, words and numbers. On the contrary, the right brain handles more on spatial recognition, artistry, context and patterns. The right brain acknowledges objects, faces and places. The right brain and left brain each have distinctive roles; problem solvers, science experts and math whiz utilize left brain functions while risk takers, artists and philosophers employ right brain functioning. There are popular right brains such as physicist Albert Einstein and American virologist Jonas Salk. Salk instituted the creative center for children wherein he demonstrated right brain thinking.

The importance of recognizing the left brain and right brain assists the individuals to utilize certain approaches in order to maximize one’s comprehension on a particular subject. If a person is going through spatial difficulties then most probably there is damage to the right brain. Another good case in point is when persons experienced left brain damage then most likely they will experience aphasia or difficulty in finding the right words, struggle conversing with people or trouble understanding fast speech especially from radio news.

There are several approaches in nurturing the left brain and right brain to action. To enhance the performance of the right brain, try to imagine and make a draft of what’s on your mind.  Mind mapping is a great means of studying and memory enhancing. There are available software tools for mind maps which may be utilized for synergy work, creativity, problem solving and outline sketching.

Random body movements such as juggling and arms swinging are another simple and enjoyable way of nurturing the left brain and right brain. A serious sport like gold enables the use of the left brain for planning and right brain for spatial recognition. Enhancement of both hemispheres may also be done through gardening wherein spatial recognition and logical thinking are being employed.

A pretty difficult left brain enhancer is checkbook balancing and answering crossword puzzles. Furthermore, attending social parties or debates is a superb way to rouse one’s logic, words and thinking capacity. Conversing and disputing with intelligent people enhances one’s logical skills. Altering one’s routine such as sleeping on the left side of the bed or playing RPG video games may help in brain enhancement.  Playing mind games such as Taboo and Millionaire’s game would be a creative way to enhance both hemispheres. Spelling and math exercises would be excellent brain enhancers.

Individuals are endowed with dominance of either the left or right brain. Right-brained people are proficient in dancing, music, painting and usually deals with emotions. Left brained people are great thinkers and mathematicians.


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