shape your waist Laughter is simply the best medicine in the world. It's one's perception towards things in life. It's how you react when things are going tough but it's true it can change your world. Laughter can turn your life to turn up to 180 degrees. Humor gives you the feeling of lightness; you feel energized and one of the many benefits of laughter is that it is a remedy to take away those wrinkles on your face, 5 years will be deducted in your age and those crow's feet will be eradicated if you start your day with laughter. Even with your relationships with your parents, siblings, colleagues and your relationship with your spouse will have a tremendous effect once you start it positively. There are numerous testimonials about laughter; how laughter saved people's lives and their relationships.

Laughter has the intense power to heal the human body. It is considerably a natural medication which can bring fascinating results to the heart. If you cannot bear the pain and pressure of exercising daily, then take a huge dosage of laughter. It allows the blood vessels to become larger in size which diminishes the risk of obtaining heart failures. According to University of Maryland Medical Center cardiology director Dr. Michael Miller, his team of researchers conducted a study using two groups. The first group was asked to view comedy flick and the other group with a stressful film. The first group who were entertained with the funny movie was seen to have an expansion of the endothelium or the layer of cells responsible for smooth blood flow. This expansion facilitated protection against heart ailments, management of oxidation and clotting as well as regulating blood pressure.

Laughter is also a natural stress reliever which brings about the emergence of laughter yoga. Indian medical specialist Madan Kataria created this exercise to carry oxygen to the major organs and the entire body. Laughter yoga lessens more than 65 percent of stress and augments self-esteem. An energetic laughter lowers pain levels by escalating endorphins. Communication skills and imagination are enhanced. Laughter is indeed a very healthy regimen in promoting optimism and increasing the immune system and disease resistance.

Glucose levels are being trimmed down by laughter. Based on the study of Tsukuba University educator Hayashi, he had validated that the neuroendocrine system is directly associated with laughter. Laughter has the capability to downgrade glucose levels. It also fuels up the right portion of the brain which stokes up creative function.

Laughter results in to positive thinking and happiness making a person disregard momentarily about present issues in life and pain. In times of hardships, composure and coolness is hard to maintain. By means of laughter, a person may able to manage relationships and set aside more time for recreation and entertainment. Participation to laughter yoga or just putting humor in one's life would make a person feel keyed up and in high spirits.

Laughter is not only a natural cure for pain and ailments but it also serve as a powerful tool to unite people torn by anger and disagreements. According to some health professionals, laughter can even cure chronic diseases because laughter gives the effects of hope, love and persuasion that lead to an enormous positive determination. Laughter provides a chain reaction to one's body. It may also give a chemical reaction to our physical form that makes us heal ourselves and cure our broken relationships with other people.