Stress Relief Techniques to take the edge off Anxiety and Depression

stress relief Understanding stress relief techniques can scythe the risk of a series of health conditions particularly cardiovascular diseases, depression, cancer, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, eczema, allergies and a lot more. Workaholics, board examiners, financially challenged, emotionally distressed and even people with minor issues in life cannot escape and avert the stress blitz. An impending verdict or risky operation positions one's mind into fright, fight or flight response sometimes called hyperarousal. This particular stress response carries negative impact on people causing one's immune system to bottle up making oneself exposed to infections. Also fight-or-flight response as illustrated by physiologist and Harvard professor Walter Cannon decelerate sexual responses leading to erectile dysfunction and sometimes freezes digestive processes causing constipation and urinating problems.

Men and women need stress relief techniques given that whenever women deal with cumbersome work; they either experience heavy menstrual flow or irregular menstrual cycle. On the other hand, some men are more sensitive and do not really speak their minds out so whenever they are frazzled; they tend to quaff large quantities of alcoholic beverages. Nowadays, some people have different perspectives in terms of making up their own stress relief techniques. Some people will take turns in smoking pot or cannabis while others would inject prohibited drugs in liquid form into their blood. Stress is a very serious dilemma to deal with. Many people end up making the twisted choices and unsound moves in coping with stress. Here is a list of stress relief techniques to augment feelings of delight and quietude.

One of the potent stress relief techniques is Mokuso which is a Japanese word meaning meditation. Mokuso or Karate meditation. This technique is employed at the outset of a martial arts training session in order to free one's mind from fret and worries. This stress relief technique is derived from Japanese and Chinese cultures as an important part of martial arts training. Proper body positioning is required by cross-leg sitting or seiza. Seiza is done by placing the knees in front and setting the legs underneath the buttocks with your back straight. Do not wander one's mind and focus by closing your eyes. An infant's breathing is followed wherein the abdominals are used instead of the upper chest. Inhale and at a snail's pace draw the air inside the lungs and count until 5 feeling the air go into your lower abdomen. This method promotes abdominal breathing then exhale slowly without shoving out the last breath of air. Repeat this stress relief technique depending on your desire.

A practical stress relief technique is watching feel-good movies such as the likes of Bridget Jones' Diary, Birdcage and Father of the Bride. Adding humor to one's day reduces stress. Dealing with one's emotions is truly hard to dismiss but by just taking time to see funny flicks will surely bring optimism and gladness to the stressed person. According to Psychology professor Arnie Cann of the University of North Carolina, the art of comedy is considerably a stress relief technique. Laughter aids in dealing with traumatic experiences.

Another stress relief technique is music therapy. A good case in point was the time when Kind David used harp to play music to forget his gloominess over Solomon. People may not be cognizant how music help reduce stress. Music greatly relieves pain during dental procedures and what good about this stress relief technique is that a person has an option to select what type of music to play to lessen stress. It does not need to be jazz or coffeehouse genre; any type of music which you find is soothing would serve as relaxation.

Stress is considerably one of the killer diseases of the modern times. Stress relief techniques which are highly beneficial to reducing anxiety and worries are music therapy, comedy films and Mokuso.

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