Massage Therapy Techniques

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Learning the Value of Massage Therapy Techniques | Health News Online Massage therapy techniques have been around for as long as civilization itself. The techniques are very much the same as in the beginning. Modern therapists have just perfected massage therapy techniques over the years and adapted to ailments that people suffer today.

Ancient Egyptian tombs have been found to have images drawn on the walls showing people having massage therapy. Around 700 B.C., Eastern Chinese cultures were using massage as a device for healing. It is believed massage was used to heal ailments from pain to paralysis. History shows that traditional Indian medicine, such as Ayurveda, used massage therapy techniques for healing. They added aromatherapy oils and spices. History shows Greeks and Romans, such as Julius Caesar, used massage therapy for the treatment of pain.

In the 19th century, Swedish massage therapy techniques were introduced to our Western culture. It is the therapy that is used today. It is believed that these techniques were handed down from traditional Chinese, Egyptian and Roman masseuses. These therapy techniques have influenced aromatherapy, Riki, reflexology, Rolfing, Amma therapy and osteopathy,

Massage techniques were used during World War I in the hopes of helping to heal and relieve pain from nerve damage and alleviate shell shock in solders in the 1930s. Massage therapy techniques are used for an ever growing number of reasons. Massage therapy techniques have even been used on premature newborn babies in hopes of stimulating their nervous systems and growth.

Ailments and medicine keep evolving and massage therapy techniques are evolving along with them. Cancer patients find relief from pain through massage therapy. Aids patients, arthritic patients, patients with lumbar pain, nerve damage, fibromyalgia, paralysis, heart attack patients and stroke patients are finding relief while undergoing massage therapy. There are a number of massage therapy techniques to choose from to relieve pain and regenerate muscles.

One of the more popular techniques is the Bowen Technique. It is a gentle but useful massage therapy that many find beneficial and more comfortable when experiencing extreme pain. The technique is used on specific sites of the body to gently balance the nervous system and relieve pain. An Australian therapist, by the name of Tom Bowen, developed this method of a light touch therapy.

Deep Muscle Massage Therapy must be performed by a qualified therapist. When the body is off balance, due to tightening of the internal muscles, deep muscle therapy will relieve the muscle, or adhesion, to help the body resume its natural balance. Without relief from the deep muscle pain, the pain can move on into thee tissues, joints, and even poor posture. Many physical ailments can be attributed to deep muscle pain that goes unchecked.

Massage therapy techniques applied to the hands and feet can affect many other parts of the body in positive ways. In 1913, Dr. William Fitzgerald, an ear, nose, and throat specialist and surgeon, was applying pressure to a patient’s feet and noticed it affected other parts of the body in a favorable way. From this, he developed a reflexology chart by dividing the body into ten vertical zones. The zones showed that when pressure was applied to the different zones on the foot, other parts of the body responded. This message therapy technique is still used today.

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