Men's Health

muscle growth Men's health is substantially influenced by the transition of puberty going towards old age. It is a fact that physically the body strength of men is by a long way superior than women in spite of this men's health is substandard to women's health for the justification that women have a higher life expectancy than men. Men's health is defined by internal factors comprising of the testosterone levels, brain, the pituitary and the external factors such as stress and environment.

Men's health is strongly characterized by the stage of puberty. Puberty is among the most exciting phase in men's health. The commencement of puberty is between 10 and 14 and men's health is tremendously changing due to enormous levels of chemicals generated by the body. Emotional and physical modifications greatly affect men's health. Some apparent and common alterations that are evident are broad chest, developing muscles, deeper voice and chest hair. Part of these bodily changes is the formation of skin acne usually occurring on the back, arms, chest and face. Mood swings and unexpected erection transpire during puberty stage.

Men's health is generally at risk most especially when it is intertwined with peer pressure. Smoking is one of the health concerns of parents to their boys when they reach the age of 13. Based on the research utilized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men's health is pushed to the limit because of the negative impact of peer pressure leading to smoking cigarettes, intake of alcoholic beverage, drug abuse and unprotected sex. According to CDC, boys commonly began smoking at an early age of 13 and to top that, more than 70 percent of the boys between 14 and 17 started drinking alcoholic beverages. Bucket-load of alcohol is harmful to young men's health causing damaged liver, irregular heartbeat, seizure and even death. According to Professor Susan Tapert of University of California, white matter located in the brain may cause major impairment due to binge drinking. The high price of peer pressure cost a lot of trouble to men's health. According to the 2009 study of Canadian researchers headed by Rebecca Maertens, smoking marijuana is more dangerous than smoking tobacco due to its DNA and cell toxicity.

Men's health is faced with a much bigger dilemma at the period of adulthood. The level of testosterone remains to be the chief culprit behind this sexual issue. The male hormone is highly responsible for the negative outcome in men's health. Based on the survey of National Institutes of Health (NIH), an estimated count of more than 20 million men experienced impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). Aside from low level of male hormones, ED is caused by depression, premature ejaculation (PE), venous leak, Peyronie's disease, alcoholism, hormonal irregularities, diabetes and nerve injuries.

Midlife crisis is another massive transition shaping men's health. This stage is characterized when men get depressed whenever they are unable to prove something to make them feel successful and contented. Men's health is strongly affected whenever they are unable to overcome feelings of exhaustion, irritability, self-questioning, unexpected fury, daydreaming, lowered sexual appetite and sexual relations with much younger partner.

Hair loss is most commonly seen as the sign of old age ostensibly affecting men's health. As the levels of male hormones fall down, men's health is altered by memory loss, weakening of strength, osteoporosis and even prostate cancer.

In conclusion, men's health may be affected by internal and external changes surrounding him, however one should keep in mind that nobody is spared from health issues. Embrace life- Take time and relax, grab every opportunity that comes and overcome all issues with determination.