Pampering Treats

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Everyone who works hard deserves to go for pampering treats occasionally. It is beneficial to indulge in one of these small pleasures once in a while, to reward yourself for working so hard. Pampering treats do lots of wonders for the body physically and calms the soul as you rejuvenate yourself.

Pampering treats may be in the form of soaking in a luxurious milk bath with rose petals floating and feeling like Queen Cleopatra. This helps your skin to feel smooth and moisturised and you will also feel more mentally and emotionally relaxed after that.

A calming facial which gives you an instant radiance and glow afterwards can also be one of the many pampering treats women adore.  As the dead skin is exfoliated and cells on your face are renewed, you will also tend to feel more confident after the process.

To a lot of people, however, a pampering treat means a wonderful massage.  An effective massage gets rid of stress and aches, aids blood circulation and helps to relax a tensed body and mind. A lymphatic massage helps our body to expel body toxin as well as water retention. Not many people, men or women, would be able to resist a free aromatherapy massage given its extensive benefits and luxurious connotation.  After a good massage pampering treat, one can usually sleep very well as the stress are melt away, muscle  aches are relieved and body feels lighter.

A wonderful manicure, good feet scrub, pedicure and that great foot reflexology may be for some great pampering treats or the best gifts to receive. Those who work manually using their hands and whose feet are tired, would probably loved these treatments more than anything else, as their hands and feet get pampered by the professional manicurist or foot- reflexology masters.

Pampering treats are not just confined to the body. It can also be for the hair in the form of a hair spa, where the head, scalp and hair are focused on. Gently massaging the scalp and head on all focal points, it can be a very relaxing session. Your crowning glory is treated like the most important part of the body as oil are poured and rubbed into it to ensure that it absorbs the nutrients and wrapped up.

Likewise for pampering treats for the eyes, an eye treatment would concentrate on the “window to your soul”.  It promises to improve blood circulation, reduce fine lines, puffiness and revitalise tired eyes. Usually, it comprises of a collagen eye mask and massage.

Whatever pampering treats you opt for, you are discerning in rewarding your body, mind and soul from the pampering treats. Taking care of your body helps slow down the aging process and let it function better as a result. So, find time to reward yourself with a pampering treat this week.


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