Recipe Which Is Good For Your Eyes

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salmonRecipe Which Is Good For Your Eyes
This easy recipe is made with all fresh ingredients. Spinach is high in Vitamin A and very good for eyesight.

Spinach Delight
Fresh noodles (any kind)
1/2 onion
garlic 1 clove
leftover meat you have in the fridge
chopped olives (approx. 10)
diced tomatoes (1/2 cup)
fresh basil chopped (a handful)
fresh spinach chopped (one or two handfuls)
pepper and salt (you may want to be careful with the salt because the olives are already quite salty)
fresh parmesan  

Boil a pot of water and cook fresh noodles for 3 minutes. While they are cooking you will fry the onions and garlic in olive oil until brown.
Add the rest of the ingredients and cook until they’re ready (a few minutes).
Toss over the noodles. Add fresh parmesan. Serve immediately.








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