Sense of Humor

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One of the best ways to live a better or stress- free life is to have a sense of humor.

Possessing a sense of humor is to be able to see the silver-lining in every dark cloud. It is also often having the capability to provoke laughter in others.

It is important to be able to laugh at one self and not take life too seriously.  Life can be harsh and there will always be people who are critical and judgemental. Though we cannot often control our external environment, we can, however, control our attitude and mindset towards viewing and living our lives, which can then bring about a change and enhance the way we lead our lives. Possessing a sense of humor can help one in many ways, besides living a more fruitful, happier and fulfilling life.

Laughter is known as the best source of medicine and remedy. Medical research has been done on the effects of humor and laughter on our health. The benefits are tremendous and one of them is having a more resilient body. The other benefits include reducing stress, boosting our immune system, lowering blood pressure, increasing tolerance for pain, and hastening our healing process. Our body and mind are connected so our attitude and mindset determines how long we live. That is why people who have a great sense of humor and are positive, usually always make it through a difficult ordeal or medical condition whereas those who are pessimistic or gives up easily barely survive.

Children with a well-developed sense of humor are also found to be happier and more optimistic, have higher self-esteem, and can cope with problems better than those who do not possess this quality. They tend to share humor and are better liked by their friends and peers, are more adaptive to new environment and can handle the adversities of childhood from being teased at or moving to a new school.

When you are optimistic and have a good sense of humor, life will seem more manageable and fun. You will inevitably inject more joy into the lives of those surrounding you including your own. People who have a sense of humor have been known to be popular and charismatic and are often invited to parties. So, one of the benefits of having a sense of humor, would be attracting people like a magnet. Your influence will undeniably be positive and greatly benefit not only yourself but those who work and live with you.

A sense of humor can be cultivated. It’s never too late to start having a good time by sharing some jokes and have a hearty laugh with your colleagues and family. Start experiencing the change physically, emotionally, and socially today!


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