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Have you ever wondered of an alternative to express your emotions, feeling of anger or depression will lessen or even be diminished once you have an alternative to that problem? Try shop therapy. With shop therapy you will really forget your issues in life because you will get the feeling of being fulfilled once you have purchased the green wallet with the brand that you loved. Shop therapy is not only for people that are wealthy but shop therapy could be applied as well by the people who do not have much money to spend because we could still buy the things that we want we just have to look for a store which offers a big discount. In shop therapy, you will have the chance to talk with different kinds of people and those persons are the salespersons. How would you feel if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? You think you are so pissed right but sometimes without apparent reason. How would you feel if you are on that situation and you step inside the mall and be greeted with the most lovely smile you ever saw that day and asked you, “How can I assist you?”. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling that somebody cares about you?

According to author Paco Underhill, shop therapy is being utilized to make someone feel and look good by obtaining things from health products, skin care and beauty items. Its alternative name is comfort buys. Shop therapy is a unique approach of some people to change their moods. Impulsive buying is not the same with shop therapy for the reason that the latter is more common to people undergoing a period of misery or transition in their lives. Shop therapy is affirmation of self-esteem according to The Women’s Center director Judith Mueller.

In another study, shop therapy is proven by a team of researchers who represented Stanford, Harvard, University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon. The topic laid an emphasis on impact of temporal depression on a person’s spending habits. The scientific investigators figured out that sadness triggers ego centrism. Then self-centered viewpoint would increase the possibility of unusual expending money so as to look and feel pleasant and happy. The study employed 33 volunteers wherein they were split into two. The first group was given a depressing video to watch while the other group was given an ordinary video showing no extreme emotions of happiness or depression. Afterwards, both groups were offered with a water bottle and both groups were questioned on the amount they would give to buy the water bottle. Results presented that those who watched and were moved by the distressing video said they are willing to purchase the item more than four times the other groups offered. The conclusion drawn here is that they generalized that having low spirits produced self-absorbed view. An egotistical thinking increases the tendency to use and spend money as a form of tool, than any other regular consumer, to alter the feeling of being depressed into being happy.

Hence, shopping provides a therapeutic experience in this sense as it tends to lift up one’s spirit. That is probably why a lot of women indulge in it. Having shop therapy in your life help you feel relaxed and gain a sense of joy after you have purchased the merchandise that you desire. It does not matter how much you spend, because you deserve it after all. You’ve worked so hard and it is just your right to please yourself and pamper your feelings; it is not a sign of being incapacitated on how to dwell on your life’s issues rather it is merely giving yourself a time to be pleased and happy. Understanding why and how shop therapy works make us feel less guilty to shop because we are merely responding to our inner need to feel happy.


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