Reasons for Insomnia: An Inescapable Truth

insomnia There are probably loads of causes as to why under sleepers should be all ears about the reasons for insomnia. Sleep is a vital process that allows our dog-tired bodies and drained minds to recuperate and revitalize after a long day's work. Inadequate sleep causes the immune system to dwindle and in addition to that, obesity would be the issue of under sleepers thus making reasons for insomnia as a topic of great magnitude. Comprehensive understanding of the reasons for insomnia is definitely imperative for them to ascertain given that sleep is unquestionably correlated to the emotional health of an individual in this fashion, reasons for insomnia is a subject that is very worthy of note.

There are a number of reasons for insomnia and its corresponding remedies:

I. Unpleasant sleeping environment

A. Unfamiliar sleeping environment (rented apartment, inn, hotel)

Solution: Some people take a little longer to adapt. So, try to make the environment cosier, comfortable and relaxing.

B. Too much noise

Solution: Use ear plugs or White noise machines

White noise machines are also utilized by people suffering from tinnitus and often used in medical clinics to mask unwanted noises from other rooms or patients. Reasons for insomnia would no longer be a huge predicament since white noise machines can generate soothing sounds at greater frequencies. Reasons for insomnia due to sounds from telephone conversations, honking cars, animals or construction sites may be completely eradicated.

C. Too much lightinsomnia

Solution: Use sleep masks or eye masks or simply draw the curtains There is a variety of sleep masks ranging from contour, organic, silk and travel. It is easy on the pocket which costs about $10 or less.

II. Psychological Factors

A. Mental, physical and emotional stress.

It is usually due to marital conflicts, money matters and personal dilemma

Solution: Ample exercise, recreational activities, meditation and other stress relief techniques

B. Depression or feelings of misery and sadness

Solution: Counseling, regular exercise may also help to alter the moods and light therapy It is sometimes called as phototherapy which is utilized to control the levels of melatonin by giving off artificial light directly to the patient's retina.

C. Anxiety or tension is often describes as "what if thinking"

Solution: Give enough time for relaxation

III. Temporary happenings

A. Jet lag or desynchronosis insomnia

Solution: Adjustment on the new time zone and avoid consumption of purely carbohydrate diet meal in the morning.

B. Medications may bring minor side effects that would be the reason for insomnia

Solution: Management of side effects is by consulting to the physician and asking for another

brand of medications.

C. Excessive consumption of coffee insomnia

Solution: Avoid drinking this caffeinated beverage in the late afternoon until the evening. Try drinking a cup of warm milk before you sleep.

D. Smoking tobacco

Solution: Stop smoking cigarettes or cigars to avoid further health complications such as heart disease and cancer.

E. Eating too much before bedtime

Solution: Eat only sufficient amount of food during dinner and avoid eating midnight snacks since this may cause heartburn and feeling of discomfort that would be a reason for insomnia

IV. Old age


A. Having sleep apnea

Solution: Use sleep apnea pillows

B. Hormonal changes

Solution: Take a hot bath before going to bed.

D. Chronic pain due to arthritis

Solution: Take pain relievers or rub in ointment with camphor

There is a broad range of reasons for insomnia comprising of psychological factors, aging, temporary happenings, unfavorable sleeping environment and excessive drinking of alcohol.