Personality Test

Quiz to measure your potential to lead a fulfilling life

Quite Often
Almost Never

1. I drag my feet on matters pertinent to work.

2. I easily succumb to bad habits (eating sweets and junk food, excessive alcohol and smoking pot) during stressful situations.

3. I misplace and no longer search for important papers.

4. I act tough sometimes and enjoy breaking rules.

5. I am unable to follow my work schedule and I miss some of my appointments.

6. When I get annoyed, I provoke a fight and show I am angry even in public places.

7. I enjoy being laid back and financially dependent.

8. I am not interested in career talk and goal planning.

9. I spend most of my time dozing off and chatting about other people's lives.

10. When I have excess cash, I call my friends/colleagues and treat them for a night of fun, drinking alcohol and smoking.



Those with most check marks on QUITE OFTEN and OFTEN

If 8 out of 10, If 7 out of 10,

Personality : Laid-back
You are having wobbly emotions and still unable to deal with challenging situations. Uncompromising individuals and somewhat have sluggish ways. Still suffering from fretfulness, depression and lingers on distressing past. Mental and emotional unsteadiness suggesting uncertainty over future plans and vacillation to move on. Your personality requires encouragement and backing up in order to advance.

Those with most check marks on RARELY and ALMOST NEVER

Personality : DUTIFUL
You are very interested in planning your future and keeping things on track. You are not the type who easily gets pulled by the nose. Wise spending individuals who focus on achieving financial stability and security. You are self-motivated and do not require much assistance to get things done.