acne Acne scar care is seemingly one of the major concerns of teenagers and adults nowadays. Acne scar poses to be an intractable and unprepossessing dilemma requiring a speedy solution. The common aspiration of majority of people is to possess a perfect, flawless skin. However this desire appears to be unachievable because of the unavoidable inflammatory responses of our bodies to acne-causing bacteria injecting within our skin. According to the report of American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), more than 80 percent of the people have experienced skin disorder particularly acne affecting usually the face, back and chest. In addition to this, AAD has claimed that people have been spending greater than 2 billion dollars on over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications in the year 2004. Hence, we have come to a culture wherein more and more people are seeking effective ways concerning acne scar care and treatment.

Acne scar care and its causes ought to be the principal information in combating this skin disorder. People must have a basic understanding concerning acne scar care in order to act wisely whenever there is a skin breakout. It seemed upsetting to know that the cause of acne is chiefly biological in nature. Intense shedding of skin cells and augmentation of oil production happens at the period of adolescence which is the main reason why an estimate of more than 30 percent of adolescents experienced acne scarring. Moreover, it is even more disturbing to realize that genetics plays a substantial role in worsening the case.

In acne scar care, medication is another major cause to be considered. Medications with ingredients of corticosteroids, anabolic steroids, iodine and lithium have the propensity to affect acne. The most recommended acne scar care pertaining to this critical issue would definitely be is to seek a skin specialist and ask professional advice concerning the linkage of prescription or OTC drugs to one's skin disorder.

Zinc- a catalyst in healing of the tissues can help prevent acne scarring. A diet low in zinc may actually cause acne breakouts. Oysters are rich in zinc per serving more than any other food. It can also be found in red meat, beans, nuts, shell seafood (such as crab and lobster), whole grains, fortified breakfast cereals, and dairy products. For oral zinc supplements, the recommended dosage is 20- 30mg per day.

Acne scar care should be taken into account to avoid permanent blemishing of the skin. The natural curing manner of the skin is the grounds of post-inflammatory changes. Here is an effective acne scar care to better manage the healing process of the acne lesion. One of the easy home remedies for acne scar care is to combine water and pounded radish seeds. Mix the ingredients together to create a natural facial scrub. Rub the mixture to the face and be certain to apply this scrub daily after all work is completed. Then use warm water to wash the scrub off the face. It is highly recommended to use a moisturizer after washing the face. The remaining mixture may be kept in the refrigerator for future use. The bleaching agent which is an ingredient of radish seed makes it a remarkable acne scar care remedy.

Another acne scar care is to avert from peeling off scabs or the black coating formed by natural healing process of the skin. Removing the scabs would only lengthen the natural curing process of the skin.

Using of sunscreen when going outdoors is highly recommended. The sun's powerful rays would definitely result to skin damage and also protracts the healing process. Drink plenty of fluid. Not only is it good for our body system, it also aids in helping our complexion. We can always learn this tip from the super models.

Visiting the dermatologist is still the best way for acne scar care. They are the ones to consult for additional scarring care and prevention tips.