Home Bad Breath Remedies

shape your waistYour home is not just where your heart is, it's also where you can find your cheap and accessible bad breath remedies. Bad breath or halitosis is one of the most common humiliating disorders that afflict people of all ages. The most common causes of bad breath are bacterial presence in the mouth, throat and sinus infections, gum disorders, problems in the stomach in the intestines, and some foods with known bad breath effect. Predisposing or risk factors to developing halitosis include dry mouth or xerostomia, smoking, and alcohol. A person with halitosis do not just discharge a foul smelling breath, there is also a presence of white or yellow film in the tongue, metallic or bitter taste in the mouth, thick saliva, tonsil stones formed by bacteria, and low self esteem. If some causes of bad breath are found in your kitchen like onions and garlic, bad breath remedies are also present there.

Mint leaves are one of the best known bad breath remedies. They act by giving a fresher breath after being chewed. Besides, mint leaves are the main ingredient for the commercial mouthwash, its effect is unquestionable.

Baking soda does not just absorb the odor in your refrigerator, the odor in your mouth too. When gargled with water or when used as toothpaste, baking soda is one of the proven yet infamous bad breath remedies.

Yogurt is not only a healthy and luscious food, it helps you lose unwanted pounds and get rid of foul smelling breath. Yogurt is included in the list of household bad breath remedies because it reduces hydrogen sulfide, an odor causing compound. Healthy bacteria present in yogurts give favorable effects versus the bad bacteria in the mouth.

Commercial treatments for bad breath use Hydrogen Peroxide as one of their main ingredients. You can find this at home somewhere in the cupboards or medicine cabinet and make it one of your bad breath remedies. Since taking pure hydrogen peroxide is dangerous, it is advised to be gargled with water or mixed with salt.

Known as treatment for poisoning, ingesting charcoal in small amount like 5 gm will also act as sponge to absorb toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. It is one of the best natural purifier and bad breath remedies.

Lemon may be very sour to taste, but its sourness makes it one of the most acclaimed bad breath remedies in the kitchen. Lemon when squeezed in water makes a great mouthwash with its high acidity level.

With soaring prices of treatments and remedies in the market, it is just wise to take a look first to those available in your home. Halitosis most of the time is really not the disorder, but a sign of an existing disease and a result of what's inside our GI tract. Avoiding the cause and managing it with cheap and accessible bad breath remedies will save you from the fuss and dollars. Apple Cider Vinegar is one special kind of vinegar with acclaimed beauty and health benefits, one being one of the natural bad breath remedies in the household. Vinegar is high has high acid content, which do not favor bacterial growth.

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