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Weight loss diet should be carefully assessed by people before making any huge step. Nowadays, weight loss diet is not only being strictly followed by obese people but by Hollywood celebrities, artists and fashion models. It is highly recommended to seek the advice of dieticians prior to selecting any weight loss diet since there is a enormous propensity that people who are not knowledgeable on following the guidelines may go extreme and be surprisingly thin like American actresses Nicole Richie, Calista Flockhart and Susan Dey. There are popular weight loss diets available and widely posted in the Information Superhighway as well as printed publications. Some teenagers easily succumb to weight loss diet as part of their emotional release and media pressure. Sudden and fast weight loss diets have strong and unpleasant impact especially when done without any medical administration. Mostly weight loss diets become harmful due to the fact that these unwarranted regimen results to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
Here is a list of recent and popular weight loss diets:

  • Atkins diet is formulated by American cardiologist Dr. Robert Atkins in 1972 and became widely known in 2003. This weight loss diet encourages people to eat less carbohydrate diet such as pasta, potatoes and pies instead the nutritional encouraged consuming more eggs, meat and cheese as substitute. This weight loss diet was contradicted by Dr. Eckel of the American Heart Association for the reason that it may put the person at high risk of obtaining heart ailment and gout. The company of Atkins become insolvent in the year 2005 and declared a loss of more than 300 million dollars.
  • Ornish diet is being promoted by another cardiologist Dr. Dean Ornish. Consumption of organic foods along with exercise is dictated in this weight loss diet without the intake of meat, alcohol and sweets. This weight loss diet is illustrated as a vegetarian type which promotes moderate exercise with a suggested average of half an hour. However the cons of this weight loss diet is that the individual may not acquire much protein due to restriction of fish and meat intake.
  • Jenny Craig diet began in Australia during the early 80’s. The individual who select this weight loss diet is provided with meals so as to strictly adhere to the proper calorie amount however there is a need to talk to the consultant every week to regularly assess the status of the person. The con of this weight loss diet is that the consultants are not medical specialists but ordinary people who are coached about the technicalities of their jobs. Weight regain is highly possible once this weight loss diet plan is ceased.
  • Zone diet is promoted by Barry Sears which greatly encourages the combination of high-protein and low intake of carbohydrates. This weight loss diet was not advocated by the American Heart Association because of incomplete consumption of needed vitamins and minerals.
  • South Beach Diet was created by medical practitioners Marie Almon and Arthur Agatston. This weight loss diet became well-known in the year 2000 due to its simplicity with the endorsement of eating nutritious snacks, water and desserts.

There is broad range of weight loss diets to choose from however the supervision of a medical specialist is very much needed when selecting the appropriate weight loss diet so as to avert such negative possibilities.


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