Weight Loss Exercises


The popularity of weight loss exercise is remarkable evident as broadcasted in American reality shows like 'The Biggest Loser'. Being horizontally challenged is terribly difficult and irritating not only for reason that you are unable to endure strenuous tasks but the ugly truth that obese persons have high risks of acquiring cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other health conditions. The infomercials about weight loss exercises shown every day in the television is not really like stealing acorns from a blind pig. Fast weight loss exercises should not be done without the proper consultation from a fitness expert. There are apposite workouts designed for every individual's needs especially when you desire for quicker results. The suitable weight loss exercise program requires a combination of cardio workout as well as weight training regimen.

High-speed weight loss exercises and gaining weight rapidly is considerably harmful to the body. It is advisable to learn weight loss exercise tips prior to jumping fast on a particular exercise routine. Those people who desire to do weight loss exercises in the gym should first consult with a trainer and remember muscle toning entails large quantity of repetitions and carrying of few pounds of gym equipments. This kind of weight loss exercise is designed for either the arms or back and even the legs.

A great and exciting weight loss exercise tip is to work together with a partner. It is best to choose a partner who is knowledgeable in spotting or understanding when to aid another person to lift and return heavy gym equipment safely during weight loss exercise workout. A good spotter is required when doing weight loss exercises such as bench press, barbell squat; skull crusher and barbell push press.

Here is a list of easy weight loss exercises:

  • Bicycling is extremely pleasurable especially when you go on groups riding around in hills, parks and rough terrains. This weight loss exercise is great for any climate since it may be done indoors with a stationary bike. It is deemed to be a life-long activity which is a great starting point for overweight individuals. It considered therapeutic for the heart as well as the mind. Bone mass enhancement and great muscle tone is being developed with bicycling regularly. Joe Friel who is the writer of the book, "Cycling Past 50" endorses this type of weight loss exercise to lessen cancer and diabetes risks, enhance blood chemistry, have a good digestion and diminish chronic pain.
  • Racquetball provides an increased heart rate activity of 70 to 85%. It involves repetitive workout of almost every muscle in the body and enhances endurance. This weight loss exercise is very entertaining you won't remember that you are working out.
  • Walking may be done for 10 minutes followed by 5-minute stretching activity. Afterwards walk for half an hour and bring along a heartrate calculator to measure whether you have reached 60% heart rate. End the weight loss exercise with a 7-minute cool down routine.
  • Weight lifting is best but remember to warm up before starting. Wear cotton clothing and consult a physiotherapist to understand what lifting technique is suitable for your age, body and health condition.
  • Stair climbing helps in reducing an estimate of 2.7 kilograms yearly and lessens the risk of heart diseases.
Choose an easy weight loss exercises to start off and continue reducing unwanted fats by increasing the level of activities and combining it with weight training.

Fast Weight Loss Exercise