Total Body Cleanse

total body cleanse A total body cleanse is a requirement to contend with violent blitz of toxins. Countless pollutants and toxins are unstoppable and unpreventable as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that more than 80 percent of ailments are the upshots of a combination of plastics, processed foods, herbicides, non-stick chemicals, chlorine from water, and prescriptions. A total body cleanse is also needed to purify everyday toxins such as over-the-counter drugs, mercury from amalgam dental fillings, chloroform from water, xenoestrogens from weed killers, paints and adhesives, food preservatives, antibiotics, junk foods, artificial sweetener and air pollution.

Master Cleanse is an effective total body cleanse. It is otherwise known as lemonade diet which is formulated by Stanley Burroughs. This total body cleanse diet is developed in 1940s which boosted its popularity after the publication of the book entitled The Master Cleanser. Famous personalities who started using this total body cleanse are American musician Jared Leto, R&B singer Beyonce Knowles and Diamond Princess Trina. It is being utilized for elimination of toxins and weight loss. The channels of elimination are flushed out of kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, liver, blood, skin, blood and bowel.

One particular total body cleanse is a blend of lime juice, water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. The daily requirement for this total body cleanse is 6 to 12 glasses a day without solid food. In addition to this, salt water drink and herbal laxative are also suggested. This total body cleanse detoxifies the body by eradicating the unpleasant desires for nicotine, drugs and alcohol. People drinking master cleanse lose their passion for caffeinated beverages. Lemons or limes are selected as mixture to water since it is a good source of vitamins.

Another example of total body cleanse is by drinking teas and food supplements. To start off, colon should be the first to be disinfected. A herbal supplement in capsule form may be taken to rid the toxins in the colon. Ingredients such as Cascara Sagrada, Senna leaves, Turkey Rhubarb and Bentonite Clay are effective colon cleansers. A decontaminated colon has benefits of escalated energy, removal of bacteria and parasites, relief from constipation and gas as well as improved immune system. Dietary changes are also considered total body cleanse. Good examples are artichoke leaf, ashwaganda, red clover, larch gum and beets.

A good total body cleanse is yellow dock root. This herb serves as mild diuretic and blood purifier. It precludes pollutants from mixing with gallbladder, bloodstream and liver. Yellow dock root lessens the possibility of bowel swelling and promotes the production of bile. Silymarin capsules are available in the market for liver detoxification. Lecithin is also highly suggested for cleansing the liver to avoid poor digestion and allergies caused by congestion. Gallbladder distress may be relieved by means of consuming lemon juice plus olive oil. Apple juice fasting for 3 days is also recommended.

A total body cleanse may be attained by purifying colon, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lungs and skin. Professional consultation is required to avoid interactions with medications and ailments.

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