The Benefits of Sex

benefits of sex Did you know that there are more benefits of sex aside from reproduction? Yes. Sex offer more benefits aside from having a baby and make you a parent. Although these benefits of sex are achieved only secondary to man's primary motive to have sex, it helps you live healthier and happier. The benefits of sex range to physical, emotional, and psychological health. Here are some astounding benefits of sex.

1. Helps relieves stress.
When you are having sex, endorphins are released from your brain. These substances are very popular for their mood lifting and stress relieving actions.

2. Promotes Good cardiovascular function.
Sex helps normalize blood pressure and blood flow. As good breathing goes along with sex, it helps the blood carry more oxygen by supplying oxygen to the lungs. This is one of the best benefits of sex because your risk for developing life threatening conditions like stroke, heart attack and other conditions are reduced.

3. Aids in maintaining body weight.
Like an exercise, sex burns calories. Sex even burn more calories compared to dancing, walking, canoeing, and weight training if done for half an hour. Some benefits of sex are just like those you get from other exercises.

4. Lowers bad cholesterol levels.
There are good and bad cholesterols or the high-density lipoproteins and low density lipoproteins. Sex promotes health by balancing these cholesterols by lowering the cholesterol in the bad category.

5. Acts as an analgesic.
Oxytocin from the brain released during sex acts like acetaminophen and other opiates. They can help relieve pain from headaches and arthritis. During arousal and orgasm, more oxytocin is released. So when you are having headaches, use the analgesic benefits of sex to relieve it. Do not abstain.

6. An immune booster.
A healthy sex life is a major component of total health. According to studies, regular sex increases the levels of immunoglobulin A or Ig A which renders the body protection against infections like colds.

7. Prevents cancer in men.
When men ejaculate more frequently when they are at their 20's, their risk for getting prostate cancer is lowered when they reach later life.

8. Strengthens the body.
Sex stimulates the release of the male hormone testosterone which is responsible for creating more lean muscles. Testosterone is also as well known bone strengthening hormone.

9. Boosts self esteem.
When you are having sex when you want to do it and with whom you want to do it, you will feel good about yourself.

10. Develops intimacy.
Sex is a special act that you share only with your partner and no one else. Touch develops connection in two people. Sex makes this connection stronger.

However, these benefits of sex may be subjective from people to people. These benefits of sex are usually achieved by people who are having sex with someone they love like their partners. Also, if both partners achieved orgasm, they are more likely to benefit from the sexual act. Creating the right ambience before having sex is an important consideration. Not rushing and spending time for quality foreplay increases your tendency along with your partner to reach orgasm. It makes sex more satisfactory and makes people crave more for it. Pleasure and becoming a parent, plus 10 more benefits of sex, for sure you would always want to be under the sheets.



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