Taking charge of your Fertility

infertility When you say "taking charge of your fertility"; it means being totally accountable for your future and family. Taking charge of your fertility does not stand to be a personal obligation but simply a choice whether or not an individual desires to live lock, stock and barrel alone or with a family. Incorporating the negative elements into your life is not the correct manner of taking charge of your fertility and adding insult to injury.

Taking charge of your fertility starts by merely taking things into moderation. Booming of coffee shops and cafes and the introduction of stimulating and flavorsome variations like latte, cappuccino, espresso and double shots make it fairly difficult in taking charge of fertility. Medical studies divulge the fact that caffeine helps in lowering the chances of Parkinson's disease and gallstones aside from boosting the mental alertness of either regular or non-regular coffee drinkers. However, based on the study conducted by US National Institutes of Health in 1998, the bad side of drinking coffee is that it strongly affects the fertility aside from getting high risks of miscarriage. It is advisable to drink in moderation by at least 200 mg. of caffeine daily.

For guys, instead of wearing tight fitting underwear; they should prefer boxers. Too much heat may result to less production of sperm cells. Taking charge of your fertility may be accomplished by just sporting the right type of clothing. For the ladies, taking charge of your fertility is by means of not skipping meals and not pursuing any starvation diets. Some countries may find it stunning to see a model or celebrity with an almost protruding ribs and collar bones however fashion craze only linger for months and if you truly care and is really taking charge of your fertility then this is not the proper timing to get super slim such as the likes of Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Karen Carpenter. Being anorexic or bulimic may strongly be a factor causing infertility.

It has been verified by the Advanced Fertility Center based in the city of Chicago that chromosomal irregularities in reproductive system are due to high levels of nicotine in the body thus stating that if you consider yourself as a nicotine abuser then you are not taking charge of your fertility. More so, women who are presently undergoing infertility treatments particularly in vitro fertilization (IVF) may unfortunately have decreased chances of getting pregnant due to smoking abuse. Taking charge of your fertility may be administered by discontinuing your smoking habit.

Merrymaking and all-week partying would not get in the way if couples are planning to get pregnant however moderate and excessive drinking both may consider that you are not really taking charge of your fertility. Excessive drinking of beverage with high alcoholic content has adverse effects on fertility. It may cause ovulatory dysfunction, high risk in menstrual problems and imbalance in progesterone and estrogen levels leading to infertility.

Taking charge of your fertility may be attained by total eradication of nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. To consider an unreasonable weight loss diet is just being irrational and negligent and proving that you are not really taking charge of your fertility.

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