A left-brain, right-brain quiz with 26 questions

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In this brain quiz you will be asked several questions in order to determine if you are more right-brain dominant or left-brain dominant. Try to answer the questions in this brain quiz as honestly as you can.

Strongly disagree=0 disagree=1 agree=2 strongly agree=3

1. I like to study in a quiet room ________

2. I prefer to receive written instructions rather than verbal instructions ________

3. I am good at understanding the meaning of symbols _______

4. I don’t like to do things in sequence ________

5. I prefer to read non-fiction _________

6. I like to write stories about far-away places _________

7. People tell me I explain things very well so they can understand them _________

8. I’d rather be a poet than a math teacher ________

9. Hypnotism is silly. ________

10. On a clear night I love to lie on my back, stare at the stars and wonder “what might have been?” _______

11. My office is tidy ________

12. I often can’t find where I put my keys _________

13. I like to be precise in what I say ________

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14. People often say to me, “A penny for your thoughts.” _________

15. I prefer to act on reason rather than on emotion _________

16. I don’t know how I do it, but I’m always getting lost _________

17. If you want to ask me something-don’t be vague. ________

18. I cry easily, but I laugh easily too ________

19. I love to make New Year’s resolutions and stick to them _________

20. People like to sit next to me at the dinner table because I make them laugh _________

21. I love to get all the details straight when I’m listening and when I’m talking __________

22. I prefer art classes to science classes __________

23. I would rather watch an action movie than some mystery movie ________

24. I don’t easily trust others; I usually think they have an ulterior motive _________

25. I prefer to work alone rather than have others disturb my thought process _________

26. There’s always another way to do something; a way that hasn’t been thought up yet. _________

Now add up all the points for the even numbered questions in this brain quiz. This will be your right-brain score. Add up all the points for the uneven numbered questions in this brain quiz and this will be your left-brain score.

Now set up the two final scores as a ratio. The greater the difference between the two scores in this brain quiz, the greater the one side is dominant over the other. The closer the two scores are, the more balanced you are. Realizing your dominant half through a brain quiz like this one is the first step to recognizing how to become more balanced in your thinking.


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