How to deal with people using DISC profile

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There are four behaviour patterns which are identified in people. They are known as Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness and Conscientiousness (DISC). While everyone has a combination of all the four elements, one of them is most dominant.

Here is how to recognize the different DISC traits and deal with each of them:

How to deal with people using DISC profile · Dominant
Highly confidant, outspoken, has a strong handshake, steady eye contact and overwhelm less powerful people at times. Possess strong leadership skills, bossy and gets things done effectively even if it means to be seen cold and harsh. Provide brief and direct answers so as to get along better.

· Influencers
They are very popular, persuasive and are natural networkers.  They are often fun and provides the entertainment and jokes. They comfortably rattle at 400 words a minute when most people talk at 160 words per minute. Give them the attention when they talk or rave about things because they will enjoy that.


· Steady people
These people are sincere, loyal, friendly, calm and team players. They get along well with everybody. They are peace lovers and most uncomfortable when conflict arises.

Provide a sincere, amicable and personal experience when dealing with them. Give them assurance that you will personally follow up for a personal touch that will please them.

· Conscientious people
They are very analytical, cautious and competent. They pay attention to quality control as well as things are executed correctly. Most of the time, they prefer to do it themselves because they hold fast to the belief that they know and can do it best. Be prepared with facts and figures and explain your case logically and present the pros and cons.

Knowing which DISC profiles your co- workers or clients belong to, will help you to better deal with them.


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