Improving your Memory with Natural Memory Boosters

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The most frustrating part of life is when you start to say something and forget the words; or you go to another part of the house and have to stand there for several minutes before you remember what you intended to do. This has happened to all of us. It seems to happen more often the older you get. If you are wise with your food selections, you can eliminate most of these problems with memory boosters. The foods you eat can help your memory.

When someone tells you that just eating better will help your memory, it sounds so easy. It can be easy if you are familiar with foods that are memory boosters. There are a number of foods to choose from, so you can eat the foods you like and still improve your memory.

Your brain needs choline and DMAE to build cetylcholine, pyroglutamate, phosphatidylserine, and omega-3 fats, acetl-L-carnitine and glutamine, ginkgo, and other vitamins and minerals that we will talk about. Don’t let the words scare you away from reading this article. In order to provide your brain with memory boosters, we will explain what you can do.

The substances mentioned above are contained in your brain but need to be replenished for the brain to function normally. If you are lacking in any of these memory boosters, your brain will start letting you down. These substances are found in everyday food. When you become familiar with food labels, in your grocery store and health food store, it will be easy for you to select foods that not only taste great, but feed your brain.

Choline has the chemical called acetylcholine and is the main building block for your memory. If you are lacking this chemical, you will have noticeable memory loss. Let’s call “acetylcholine” the main memory booster. This is your main building block for a good memory. Fish are a great source of acetylcholine along with eggs, liver, soy beans, peanuts, and all the other nuts you like.

A few years ago, someone, who will remain nameless, told the public that eggs were not good for us. When the public heard this, many of us refrained from eating eggs and millions started having memory loss. I am sure most of us did not make the connection to eggs. By putting eggs back in the diet, we are adding back one of the most important memory boosters. Eating eggs is important, but your need to include other Vitamins such as Vitamin B5, (pantothenic acid), B1, B12 and C. A combination of eggs, along with these vitamins, will build acetylcholine that the body needs.

Researchers have gone on to find that supplementing choline during pregnancy can improve brain development in infants. Higher doses were shown to boost memory in adults by building nerve cells and receptor sites for neurotransmitters and raising levels of dopamine.

Further research with choline taken from soy lecithin has found it improves athletic abilities, may improve the human growth hormone, and may slow aging. Very few side effects were reported during the testing of these memory boosters.


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